Hello friends! Six years ago today I posted my first blog on this place. This called for some photo-ops blogger-style! I am wayyyy too self conscious for pictures on the blog, but I’ve realised that six years of keeping up with something is a pretty big feat. Now, some would say talking to yourself about life on the internet for a couple of years is hardly a big deal. But it is a pretty big deal for me. I NEVER keep up with anything. Except this. So hey… I got myself one of those horribly tacky balloons so that I can celebrate accordingly. Because, of course you absolutely need a tacky balloon to celebrate your achievements!

I’m spending the next couple of days in Paris with a friend. I’ve actually been debating taking this tacky balloon with me… you know, for the lolz.

Expect a lot of celebratory pictures of cake — and maybe a few sentimental stories here and there this summer. I just wanted to thank you guys for keeping up with me! Even though I’ve vowed to myself that I am blogging purely for my own joy and sanity, your kind words definitely keep me going. x

Yo! It has been almost, almost a year! But we’re still going strong! Fukuoka was my first stop on Kyushu, ever. And I would like to think of my two days in Fukuoka as an intermission. Here’s where my solo holiday started in between the volunteering gigs. Here’s where I realised I was actually by myself again. And here’s where I realised once again that I can be good company for myself. Lots of self-growth, yadda yadda…let’s go! :)

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I luv it! May was a month of many realisations. I’ve been catching up on a lot of everything (books, cooking, movies, my personal opinion on things, you know, life basically). During May I sometimes felt burdened by my own incompetence, while simultaneously I felt as though “as long as I put in the work, I can achieve anything”. May was a flippin’ whirlwind of thoughts and emotions. But life is like that recently, isn’t it? Makes me wonder if it wasn’t always this way?

Meanwhile in May, while my head was figuring out all this existential/trivial matters, I also did a lot of fun stuffs too. Looking back, really feel as though May was a good month, even though not a lot of things happened. That’s OK too. Loads of phone-pics this time round. I will try and make June more photogenic, I promise. ;)

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こんばんわ!! Miyajima is always, always a good idea in my books. Somehow it embodies my feelings for Japan way more than a place like, for example, Nara. I think it’s safe to say that by now I have a few favourite stops on the island. Kumiko and I went here on a Monday morning just before I left for Fukuoka in the late afternoon. I was so happy she wanted to squeeze in this trip together before we said our goodbyes. Even though both of us still aren’t that fluent in each other’s languages that we can have effortless communication, I feel that we get on very well and we had such a relaxing morning! It’s fun to communicate in more subtle ways and enjoy the scenery together.

On y va, Miyajima baby!

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Oh, april. How I’ve longed for you. And how long you’ve lasted! In March I whined about how I didn’t really know what to do with myself and the blog as I felt like I lost that so-called sparkle. In April I decided to get over it and the silliness I get from ‘running’ a blog for years that’s become really personal and fun to be taken too seriously. I’ve decided that I am going to have a lot of fun again on here. And I’m resolving to create more time for me to do so, as I feel like I miss the blogging community.

On that note: I changed the blog’s layout! I’m head over heels with the new look. I’ve always leaned more towards the minimalist and sleek look on the blog, but I’ve decided to lose that for a bit. It’s time for the feels and the fun. So a little more of a romantic touch wouldn’t hurt. I’m still debating about the header (as I always am), but the foundation is solid and I love it.

Apart from blogging, a lot has actually happened in April offline. So let’s get cracking with that monthly recap, shall we?

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