In case you were wondering, yes this is the new Wes Anderson film that will release in select theatres March 23 — but only from May 10 in my little country. I don’t want to sound bitter, but I am so fucking excited to see this. I would even go as far to say that Wes Anderson makes me happy to live in a time like this. To know that there might be more films from his hand, well sometimes it instils this glimmer of hope for the future.

Was that a little too much? Who cares. I hope you’ll be seeing it too, and don’t spoil anything before May 10th. Happy weekend, folks! x

February started gloriously: I watched ‘Call Me By Your Name’ in cinema and finished Russell Brand’s ‘Recovery: Freedom from Our Addictions’. A good kick-start for a month that was full of contradictory feelings and overcoming hurdles. Luckily I’m starting to get more comfortable with celebrating tiny victories and not feeling so guilty for not ‘living up to my full potential’, learning that I don’t have to do everything the critical perfectionist in me is screaming at me to do. Yay! Let’s tackle crippling self-doubt!

Now that we’ve got the hard stuff out of the way, let’s talk music and movies and books and fun stuff. Because it’s about shifting your focus and being more aware of the good things so you get to feel more feelings of gratitude (= positive) and not as if life shifting past you (= negative). Also, I know this is my personal blog, but I’d love to be able to look back on this blog positively and not just a reflection of my soul.

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You can’t right click on a face
You can’t be the winner of the human race
You can’t do everything in this place
But don’t die curious

You can’t change a mind without a fight
Waiting for the hope of a morning light
You can’t find love on your own tonight

Hello words that I just did not say
I found a way to hesitate, to deviate
Oh, we just died curious

Don’t Die Curious, Tom Rosenthal