“Oh the ghosts that broke my heart before I met you.”

— Laura Marling, Ghosts

One of my favourite songs growing up was ‘Ghosts’ by Laura Marling. There’s the one line that feels like it’s trivialising the trauma of the past, but in a surprisingly positive way. For me, it implies to not put too much value in the past, in the has-beens or the could-have-beens. To cherish what is instead.

These pictures are out-takes from my photography course back in 2020. I was trying to create a portfolio without even knowing my focus. But at least when I look back at it I know I now understand the techniques. You see, I love photography. One thing I love about it, is how we have one chance for this one picture. Because there’s only so much time, and the world keeps turning, and we keep on keeping on, and the moment is gone. Yet if we find that chance, or if we create the circumstance for the chance, we can capture it. And while the moment itself is gone, we have it as a reminder of what has been. — It’s only now that I’m learning more and more what kind of photographs I want to make. What to put in it from myself, for it to be an interesting picture.