This post is long, long overdue. I think it was a little over two months ago now that Roger Moore’s death was announced. He died of old age, nothing that would be a theme of a murder mystery, and in the theatre chain in our country it was announced that there would be a viewing of ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’.

A few weeks before Moore’s death, my friend and I were eating dinner. We got into an interesting conversation on why I like the James Bond franchise so much — she announced that, while she hardly watched any of the Bond movies even though she’s a big film-fanatic, she was heavily under the expression that Bond is a misogynistic serial killer who drives fancy cars…and breaks them, among other things. While this all is certainly true, to me there’s so much more to the James Bond franchise.

Even though I actually call myself a feminist. I find myself even to be willing enough to ‘overlook’ the bad things surrounding the franchise as something that I find culturally interesting. And this really intrigued me maybe most of all. But while we were at dinner I couldn’t quite express why and what it was about the franchise that appealed to me so much. I stammered a bit about Timothy Dalton, the amazing filming locations, Judi Dench as M and the strong theme songs.

Of course we went to the viewing of Tomorrow Never Dies. And I decided to make a bit of a blogpost trying to pin down for myself what it is about the franchise that I still enjoy so, so much.

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Oh Paris! I cannot remember a single moment in life so far when Paris was not a good idea. And this time was no exception. My travel-buddy and I met up for a road trip from Utrecht to Paris on a thursday morning at 8am on what was probably the hottest day of the month. It was around 37°C, so air-con was very welcome…

We had decided to go to Paris because well… it’s Paris. An idea was born, a plan was made and an amazing trip was done. It coincidentally took place just the day after my 6 year blogiversary — so this whole trip also was a bit in a celebratory spirit. Not so much time was spend sightseeing, more shopping and eating.

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June, oh June! You were hot! The weather was crazy this past month. And life was also… busy. I have been doing a lot of work as I got a new assignment at a local hospital, I finally got to catch up with friends, had a little 6 year blogiversay to celebrate, went to Paris (!!!), and well… then the month was done and dusted!

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Hello friends! Six years ago today I posted my first blog on this place. This called for some photo-ops blogger-style! I am wayyyy too self conscious for pictures on the blog, but I’ve realised that six years of keeping up with something is a pretty big feat. Now, some would say talking to yourself about life on the internet for a couple of years is hardly a big deal. But it is a pretty big deal for me. I NEVER keep up with anything. Except this. So hey… I got myself one of those horribly tacky balloons so that I can celebrate accordingly. Because, of course you absolutely need a tacky balloon to celebrate your achievements!

I’m spending the next couple of days in Paris with a friend. I’ve actually been debating taking this tacky balloon with me… you know, for the lolz.

Expect a lot of celebratory pictures of cake — and maybe a few sentimental stories here and there this summer. I just wanted to thank you guys for keeping up with me! Even though I’ve vowed to myself that I am blogging purely for my own joy and sanity, your kind words definitely keep me going. x

Yo! It has been almost, almost a year! But we’re still going strong! Fukuoka was my first stop on Kyushu, ever. And I would like to think of my two days in Fukuoka as an intermission. Here’s where my solo holiday started in between the volunteering gigs. Here’s where I realised I was actually by myself again. And here’s where I realised once again that I can be good company for myself. Lots of self-growth, yadda yadda…let’s go! :)

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