I used to work Saturdays. Ever since I was a teenager, up until around a year ago, I would work Saturdays. I would miss birthdays, day trips, sunny picnics in the park, lazing around listening to the rhythm of your own breathing… that kind of Saturday-feeling. And every Saturday-morning I worked, I would think to myself that I would catch up on those moments. I would tell myself that earning that extra buck was worth it, because I would be able to not stress about money so much. And I guess that was true, to a certain degree.

It’s only been a couple of Saturdays now that I see and feel the true potential of a well-spend Saturday. It’s not about productivity, about the amount of fun you have, or about the amount of sleep you will (or never will) be to catch up on. All that doesn’t matter on Saturdays. It’s about letting your mind wander, not looking at the time, about knowing that you still have a Sunday between right now and the next week, about relaxing those tense muscles in your neck… about just doing what you feel like. And to be honest, I also realised it doesn’t have to be a Saturday specifically to do this on.

It’s this year that this blog exists for a full decade. I’ve taken up the task to go through everything I’ve ever shared, and it’s been interesting to see how much I have changed — while also changing very little. I used to share playlists every once in a while, and I really felt like sharing one today. One that holds onto those easy feelings, the ones only Saturdays seem to have.