Le Vent Nous Portera, Fuerteventura

Bonjour, hej hej!

It’s been a while since I’ve travelled. Since I’ve visited a new place and just explored, without much pressure. Last January I did something I wish I’ve done sooner, but the moment I think about wishing to do something sooner it feels a bit stupid. Because life is life and things always follow a pattern and a flow.

The pandemic has made me live life passively for far too long. In more ways than I’d like to admit I’ve been living on auto-pilot, waiting for things to get better. I have used a lot of excuses to not get dressed properly, style my hair, not plan outings or to not pursue certain hobbies. This trip, but mostly this spring and all the pretty blossom around the neighbourhood has invigorated me.

I have started a new job, did spring cleaning, got myself some new items to put effort in my appearance again — yes we’re in control of so little, but there’s so much more to live out there and I don’t want to give up on more than I should or need to.

I wish for you that this spring you will feel inspired to eat that pizza, to get those pair of shoes, to call that friend and to stop and smell the roses.


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