Sometimes, every once in a while, you see the world from a different perspective. This usually depends on various things like your routine, your mental health, your friends, your job… the things that influence you.… View Post

Oh, hello! In today’s episode of “Millennial Problems” we cover the first part of the story about The Infamous Rut. This rut isn’t just like any rut, this is usually the first rut the millennial… View Post

Hi there, can I talk to you on something rather heart-crushing today? I have to remind myself that I’ve made progress and that I’m doing my best. Last week was a tough week for a… View Post

May… I wonder, May might be my favourite month of the year — May is one of those ‘life-in-technicolor!!’-kind of months. It’s full of hope and potential. There’s lots of national holidays, great weather and… View Post

“If someone puts to you the question ‘How is the name Antonius spelt?’, will you shout your way through each of the syllables? What then if they get angry? Will you lose your temper too?… View Post

Ahhh, it’s been a while! I don’t want to admit it, but life is busy these days. I don’t like feeling busy, so I wanted to remind myself of some of my favourite fleeting moments.… View Post

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