I luv it! May was a month of many realisations. I’ve been catching up on a lot of everything (books, cooking, movies, my personal opinion on things, you know, life basically). During May I sometimes felt burdened by my own incompetence, while simultaneously I felt as though “as long as I put in the work, I can achieve anything”. May was a flippin’ whirlwind of thoughts and emotions. But life is like that recently, isn’t it? Makes me wonder if it wasn’t always this way?

Meanwhile in May, while my head was figuring out all this existential/trivial matters, I also did a lot of fun stuffs too. Looking back, really feel as though May was a good month, even though not a lot of things happened. That’s OK too. Loads of phone-pics this time round. I will try and make June more photogenic, I promise. ;)

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Oh, april. How I’ve longed for you. And how long you’ve lasted! In March I whined about how I didn’t really know what to do with myself and the blog as I felt like I lost that so-called sparkle. In April I decided to get over it and the silliness I get from ‘running’ a blog for years that’s become really personal and fun to be taken too seriously. I’ve decided that I am going to have a lot of fun again on here. And I’m resolving to create more time for me to do so, as I feel like I miss the blogging community.

On that note: I changed the blog’s layout! I’m head over heels with the new look. I’ve always leaned more towards the minimalist and sleek look on the blog, but I’ve decided to lose that for a bit. It’s time for the feels and the fun. So a little more of a romantic touch wouldn’t hurt. I’m still debating about the header (as I always am), but the foundation is solid and I love it.

Apart from blogging, a lot has actually happened in April offline. So let’s get cracking with that monthly recap, shall we?

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artwork by Günseli Sepici

Ok, so a little something different today. I want to talk about something with you, maybe it’s still my existential crisis talking here, but I still want to get this out there. Currently, I am in pursuit of living my best life. Life is short, time flies past and everyday we are the youngest we will ever be again. Maybe this fear of losing grips on the here and now, is partly fed by a question I got a few weeks ago: are you afraid of growing older?

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April is stress awareness month. I’ve been planning and planning — in my head — on how to incorporate that into my life and blog. I wanted to make a little something that would help me, and maybe any other person, to be more conscious of (my) time and life and energy. It’s been two years since I’ve put some thought into stress awareness month, and that was the last time I blogged about it. Isn’t that ironic, huh?

Another thing that has been a while, is pouring my soul into a blog again. The scarce Japan-blogs have a hint of that sparkle in there — only if that’s mostly because I felt a lot when I took the pictures during my travels in Japan. I want to make this work. Whatever this is. So bear with me… here is that little something. Maybe as an ode to stress-awareness and how it shouldn’t be just a month, but a continuous thing.

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It’s time for some positive reinforcement. Life is tough, shit happens, yadda yadda yadda. ‘The School of Life’ is still my go-to when, even though I’m feeling fine, the anxiety feels take over bit by bit. Hereby I am saying “Well done!” to myself, and to you my dear reader. It’s finally spring! We did it! We survived another winter in this crazy world of ours.