March 21st: Happy Spring !

It’s time for some positive reinforcement. Life is tough, shit happens, yadda yadda yadda. ‘The School of Life’ is still my go-to when, even though I’m feeling fine, the anxiety feels take over bit by bit. Hereby I am saying “Well done!” to myself, and to you my dear reader. It’s finally spring! We did it! We survived another winter in this crazy world of ours.

10 things about me (entertainment edition)

The Wind Rises (2013)

The Wind Rises (2013)

I kind of stole this one from Tannya’s blog (with blog-title and all!). I don’t think I’ve ever made such a lengthy and personal post, but it was so much fun to stand still and realise just what sort and how much I like entertainment in this moment in life. It sure felt a little self-centred, but hey! It’s good to become aware of the things we like to do every now and then. Just as a little heads up: it’s a very long post and if you were somehow under the impression I was a high-brow-sort-of-person, think again… hehee~


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Resolutions & ‘upping’ my game

It has become a little tradition for me, to revive myself and this blog during Advent and the Twelve Days of Christmas. And because I record my resolutions yearly, it makes me want to become better at keeping them. But also be better at making them. So I’m starting ‘early’ this year (before Christmas!!).

I recently had a conversation with a good friend about the concept of a bucket list. The main reason we had this conversation was because bucket-lists don’t really work out that great in day to day life. It’s a bit of a ‘someday’ thing. And we all know that ‘someday’ is not a day in the week. Someday hardly ever happens. We’ve got to actively pursue the things we want to do, and convert our somedays to everydays.

Ok, so maybe not every day. But day-to-day life can do with a little more ‘someday’. And I figured: what better way to start out then with resolutions. And maybe we can start out changing our habits a little bit – and that’s where we go full circle (it’s not big of a circle) again for the everyday resolutions.

Bottom-line/tl;dr: in my opinion resolutions are still not bullshit and we can still better ourselves in our daily lives to become better persons with more fun lives.

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Day 85: the last day

Leave the sun behind me and watch the clouds
As they sadly pass me by
And I’m in perpetual motion
And the world below doesn’t matter much to me

Tomorrow I’ll be flying back home again. Leaving my hotel early morning and arriving in Amsterdam around midnight Japan-time. It’s so weird to close off this adventure. To end it… and to start something new. I was hoping I could have something profound to say, now that I’m on my last day… but alas, I’ll let the music speak.

Day 67

go for broke

“Go for broke. Always try and do too much. Dispense with safety nets. Take a deep breath before you begin talking. Aim for the stars. Keep grinning. Be bloody-minded. Argue with the world. And never forget that writing is as close as we get to keeping a hold on the thousand and one things–childhood, certainties, cities, doubts, dreams, instants, phrases, parents, loves–that go on slipping , like sand, through our fingers.”

―Salman Rushdie

Day 36: Overcoming bad inner voices

I will probably be forever re-posting ‘The School of Life’ videos. But this video is so ridiculously well-timed, with my being alone in Japan (Matsuyama currently) trying to overcome my bad inner voices and trying to make the most of being in my own company most of the time.

Day 19: On Selfcompassion (when travelling alone)

be kind to yourself

Travelling alone teaches you a great deal. I think I thought a little too lightly of travelling alone when I was scheming this trip. Because, fair enough, I would be volunteering quite some bit of my time. I would help out with work and stay at peoples homes or hostels – surrounded by people. But there are all those days and weeks – and hours really – in between where I’m totally and utterly with myself. And the only one who really has to deal with that, is me.


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What Is Stopping You?

Japan sunset

Yeah… I did say I was going to follow up the last post, wasn’t I. I should’ve be more prepared, here I am though. Finally typing away, trying to explain what on earth I’m planning to do for 3 months in Japan this spring. So, let’s go!

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One more chance


The ending of another year and the beginning always make me a bit, no quite a lot actually, melancholic. I will try and make 2016 wonderful, beautiful even. I will try and strive to make things better, better than before.

Happy new year!

2016, Resolutions: the ‘new year new me’ nonsense


2015 has been a year of some pretty good highs in a general state of low, if I may be so blunt. While staying on the grind I visited my friend in Copenhagen at the beginning of the year, went to Paris for a weekend in spring for the Studio Ghibli exhibit, worked on some pretty nice exhibitions when I was interning, visited the beach numerous times spontaneously, finished my thesis and graduated, saw Sufjan Stevens perform live (and dozed off for a couple of magical seconds there), had a wonderful trip to Vilnius…and pretty much stayed employed throughout the year. I know I can feel proud, but I sort of don’t really?

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about what I’d like to change in the coming year. 2015 just wasn’t really my year I guess. Here are my three resolutions to make 2016 more my kind of year.

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Fozziwig’s Party

Fozziwig 640

I love looking forward to Christmas. I dearly, dearly love looking forward to Christmas. One might actually say that I love looking forward to it more than Christmas itself. The trick is to look forward to the time before, and not to the actual party. As expectations always mess up your mind – and make everything a little more disappointing to me. That phrase might reek of pessimism, and I might agree with you there. But that aside, I was trying to make a point here. It’s the time before Christmas where you watch the Christmas films together with your friends and family, the Christmas shopping for cards and presents, the decorating, the innovative and weirdo cosy songs about snow and Christ being born and all the fuzzy feelings. And maybe most of all, the feeling thankful for being able to share that. The people you share it with. However busy life is, there’s always time for a bit of Muppets Christmas Carol OST in the background.

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The Head and the Heart

Hi Friends! Me, oh my, it’s been too long again. Thank you for all your kinds words on my previous posts. I thought it’d be time for a little update on life and things. My internship is lovely, but now that the end of my studies is near I just can’t seem to wait to actually finish. It’s loads of work, and sometimes I don’t even feel capable enough, while other times I’m just bored out of my mind. And since the offices are so big, I’m still meeting new people everyday. So all in all, it’s kind of much – but I won’t complain.

My thesis deadline is just in a few weeks – I kindly got reminded about how little time there’s left last weekend when I was at my brothers (celebrating the end of his clerkship at the hospital – his master’s are almost done now: wheeeee!). And I may be too optimistic, but I think I might actually be able to all make it on time. I will try and explain a little more on the subject next time I blog.

All in all, to be honest, my heart feels a bit heavy. Finishing up my studies is like ending another era in my life (even though it’s still 4 months away). And thinking about the future can be a little daunting. I’d like to thank my brother again (for when(if?) he might read this), and of course Irene and my brother’s friend too, for the lovely weekend. You gain so many new insights when you hang out with cool people you don’t hang out with much and just, well, talk. Getting my mind, and maybe my heart as well, back on track often involves creating a new mixtape on 8tracks…so there you go. It’s been ages.

I thought throwing in some great old faves of mine would be nice. So if you fancy Sia, Imogen Heap and The Smiths I reckon you put this little one on. And by little one I mean, it’s over in less than 20 minutes. Short but sweet, yes?

the head and the heart from 0023am on 8tracks Radio.

What is Art for?


Hello friends! Can I share this piece of pure gold with you? – This video answers a very important question. Philosopher, and generally cool person, Alain de Botton gives five reasons why art is such a vital force for humanity. What do you think?

Taking control. Owning your life. Doing what floats your boat.

hello september

I feel a bit of a theme reappearing in my blog-entries for the past few weeks. So I think it’s safe to say I’m speaking my mind and using my blog as a bit of an outlet, as you do with a blog. Something I definitely used my friends for previously, whereas this was more of a creative outlet. I’m always a bit scared of not knowing who’s actually reading this. As I know a lot of you don’t actually leave comments (hi there!). But I’m going to be real with you guys. Like, for real real. Open-hearted real. – And honestly, I need a little reminder to myself, now that I’ve started my thesis writing and started floating through time.

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On life and dreams: finding where I stand


So the last couple of weeks it’s been quiet around these parts. My apologies. My holiday was just what I needed and then my year at uni ended and I worked a lot in the bookshop and, well, life happened. Above you can see the view I had from my place in Germany. I’ve been debating to put this up or not, but I decided to go for it anyway. Though this post might be a downer for you, or at least a bit of a soul-searchy one I think we should never lose sight of the beauty life brings. More of the pictures of the trip will be up soon.

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the important stuff

You guys know, I like to share the stuff I like with you. So here you go. Let this one sink in for a moment. It’s a good one.

“Give people your love, don’t give them your like. Disconnect from the need to be heard and defined.
Go out into the world and leave distractions behind.”

Instructions for a Bad Day, or: just a little reminder that it’s ok.

I came across this last year, and just today at the Daily Positive (a wonderful website by the way). It was time for me to share this with you guys. Although I still find the voice maybe a bit too raw, I totally dig this. These are words of encouragement for your inevitable bad day. The uploader, Jon Goodgion, described the video as: “A compilation of worldwide YouTube content, the crowd-sourced documentary “Life in a Day” by Kevin Macdonald, and local footage by Jon Goodgion. Audio is the spoken word poem “Instructions For a Bad Day” by Shane Koyczan.” Isn’t it wonderful?
Be loud, make noise, stand in poise and be open!
I’d love to know how you feel after listening/watching this! I hope you guys had a wonderful week, and I wish you all a great weekend. Until soon!

On life and dreams #1

I think I’ll make this a thing, I’d like to motivate myself and the people around me a bit more to pursue their goals and dreams. I had a tiny little conversation with Janice Cui on Facebook the other day, you hardly could call it a conversation though. But it made me think. I’ve never really wanted to do something so bad that if I thought about it too much
(and probably a bit too intense), it would almost make me cry and I finally have found such a thing.

So here I am, motivating myself and hopefully you guys, every once in a while. Since this is a personal blog, I figured putting up notes everywhere in my apartment (yes, I kind of do that) can as well happen on my little space here.

Hope you had a good Monday!

A little reminder

One of my dear friends, the one I talked about in my previous post. My infamous travelbuddy, shared this poster of the Holstee Manifesto by the lovely, creative people over at Holstee with me. Sometimes I just can’t seem cope with stress (quite often, I tend to have stress-related headaches), so I’m very grateful for her sharing this with me.
I know I need to calm the fuck down.

You may have come accross it somewhere already, but I hope it helps you guys too. You know, realizing things ‘n stuff.

Thanks by the way, for your kind messages on the photos I made in Antwerp! :)

Construct a Banana Car

Source: F in Exams

Sometimes we need to construct our own banana car I guess. Make our own plan. At the end of the day, all we have is who we are. And if we aren’t making ourselves happy, what the heck are we doing with our lives? So, chin up! Get your mood swings tamed, grab yourself a wonderful cup of tea (or a good coffee, if you prefer) make yourself and at least one other person happy today.

Have a great day!

Be good.

I know, the photo above is ridiculous, but I just wanted to share some ‘happy thoughts’ with you guys. A quick reminder to the lovely people reading my blog: be happy. Enjoy the little things in life. They’re the best.

Now, my cheesiness and I will go study and hope for all this to be over soon and get some epic summer holiday.