New Year, etc.

Happy New Year! It’s January 11. Society tells me not to say this any more, but this is my space on the internet — I can do what I want.

And you know what? I think I will do what I want in 2024 anyway. I had a couple of resolutions/goals/hopes written down for this year. I’m still an avid resolution-maker, even though I usually don’t get to fully carry out all the resolutions. The thing is, I think it’s a good exercise in taking stock and realising your intentions or where your mind is wandering to. Forcing yourself to ask questions like “what DO you want to do?”, “what makes YOU happy?”. Sure, they are hard questions, but just because something is hard doesn’t mean we should not do it. Especially when it’s about ourselves. We deserve growth and love and honesty. So hey, ho, let’s go!

  • get my driving licence
  • improve Japanese
  • move house together
  • make a portrait series
  • try out many new recipes
  • continue journaling
  • keep the “I’m so lucky!”-mindset
  • take even more pictures
  • make more physical photo albums
  • do another 30km walk
  • just appreciate, wherever I am
  • stay sane (kinda)

Does it seem doable? Yeah, I guess so. Will I be able to finish everything in the next 12 months? Eh… maybe! My intention is making it a good year, to appreciate myself and my surroundings and just go for it– I can do what I want.

Happy New Year.