A Morning in Nara

19 juli 2016

Nara Deer Souvenir

Oh goodness, it seems like a lifetime ago when I had this morning in Nara. I think Nara is a heavily photographed place, you don’t really have to have gone there to know what it looks like. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t want to go and it certainly does not mean that I didn’t enjoy every minute of my little excursion.

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Exploring Kyoto

16 juli 2016

kyoto dream petals

Arriving in Kyoto was a very happy time for me. Until then I only had happy memories of Kyoto – and I still do. Somehow Kyoto feels a bit homey to me. It was actually fun to see foreigners again in Japan (Getting used to Japanese culture and customs – as opposed to western-style – I sometimes really don’t like seeing many (foreign) tourists as I feel they spoil the atmosphere a bit). But this time it made me feel better. And of course, meeting up with my best friend in Japan was a good prospect.

In Kyoto I really took my time to see everything that I wanted to see, for as long as I wanted to do it. In Kyoto I got aware of really how much in my own company I was. Your messages on this post really, really cheered me up. They helped me to realise a lot of things – and feel better about them too. I think one of the things that I really took from my stay in Kyoto: don’t beat yourself up so much – and do what you love. I don’t know if I really needed this time in Kyoto for me to realise this, but I’m really glad I did and got to live through that while being there.

This post is just a big mash up from my favourite things I encountered during my 9 days in Kyoto. I’ve decided to make real-life big photo albums. And now I feel like I’ve got a little more freedom with these blogs as I’m not really putting things in that much chronological order. Though, still my plan is to be done with sharing pictures of this trip before the end of the year. (!!!)

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On Life and Dreams #6

15 juli 2016

credit: Grant Snider (Incidental Comics)

Day 85: the last day

22 juni 2016

Leave the sun behind me and watch the clouds
As they sadly pass me by
And I’m in perpetual motion
And the world below doesn’t matter much to me

Tomorrow I’ll be flying back home again. Leaving my hotel early morning and arriving in Amsterdam around midnight Japan-time. It’s so weird to close off this adventure. To end it… and to start something new. I was hoping I could have something profound to say, now that I’m on my last day… but alas, I’ll let the music speak.

On Aichi Prefecture and the volunteering experience (pt. 2)

16 juni 2016

tokoname festival

Okay! I arrived in Tokyo today, to have my final week of my trip. So what better to get back to the events of early April to Mid-April: enjoying the countryside of Aichi Pref.! This time more about the fun stuff I got around to do when I wasn’t doing any volunteer-work.

I was pretty happy to hear that the family at which I stayed offered me their bicycle for my own use. So whenever I felt like exploring or going to the post office I could just go. Riding a bicycle in Japanese countryside though, it feels right out of any anime I used to watch when I was a kid. Then I was also lucky enough to be right around festival season. Every spring there is this sort of festival with huuuuge, high carts made of wood and loads of pretty fabric. And although I still don’t quite know what this festival is called – or what exactly it is for (my hosts were just about as good at English as I was at Japanese…it didn’t work so much haha). But it was so nice, as my host family took me to Tokoname on the weekend, and later in the week we went on foot to the festival in our own town.

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