Happy New Year, friends~! The new year has well and truly started so we can say again that this is going to be “our year” — whatever that may mean! Let’s talk resolutions! Challenges! Thoughts for 2018 to get me (and maybe you?) on the right track for this new year of grand adventures, exciting opportunities and probably a fair share of bad days here and there. Life, eh?

Of course when I say resolutions, I mean none of the “lose 30 pounds in 3 weeks” bullshit, which, to be fair, wouldn’t hurt. But no. I mean the things that actually may possibly make my day-to-day life little more pleasurable. Challenge #01: I’m not a hedonist by heart, but I would like to try to become a little more hedonistic. I’d like to be adapting to new habits that are FUN and make you feel WHOLESOME. Hereby let’s use those two words as my keywords this year. Shoot for the moon, right? In 2017 I’ve been living my life according to way too rigid guidelines — which I put on myself, not going to lie. So it’s time to just focus on the happy, the truthful, the cute and not feel too guilty about it all.

I haven’t completely thought all of this through, but I got to start somewhere. And the start of a new year doesn’t last forever, so let’s get going… here’s my draft of challenges & resolutions for 2018.

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Hello~! Christmas is done, time for another yearly recap on those pesky resolutions! 2017! What a year! I’d say utter shite on both personal- as world-scale. But hey, this time I try to keep it short. I’ll only talk about the resolutions that succeeded. Still, I need to warn you: it’s still going to be a long one and it’s sort of sickeningly light-hearted.

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Merry Christmas

Yas! It’s the most wonderful time of the year! I hope you get to celebrate with your near and dear. I hope you get to do every tradition you do at Christmas, or make new traditions! Even if you don’t do any Christmas-shenanigans, I hope you do have a wonderful day and see it as an excuse to drink a glass of mulled wine or two and be extra kind to your friends and family. I think we do need a little Christmas spirit in the world right now. Thank you!

Lots of love,