“If someone puts to you the question ‘How is the name Antonius spelt?’, will you shout your way through each of the syllables? What then if they get angry? Will you lose your temper too? Will you not rather calmly go through the sequence of letters, telling each one in turn? So also in your life here remember that every duty is the completed sum of certain actions. You must observe these, without being disconcerted of answering others’ resentment with you own, but following each purpose methodically to its end.”

Sometimes I wish I had studied philosophy. Maybe even just as an elective in high school so that I felt like I had a decent foundation of knowledge. But alas, I have never. The only thing close to “studying philosophy” is when I am a bit too tipsy and start questioning life and its meaning and try to engage with the people around me. Other times is when I read an exceptional book like Meditations from Marcus Aurelius. Manalive. All that being said, I am probably not the most qualified person to discuss Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations. At the same time however, I too am a person trying to navigate through life, does that not make me qualified already? So bear with me, while I organise my thoughts… and please, don’t hesitate to disagree.

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Oh hello! I will gladly start with a new series which involves some tell-all, educating, fun and light-hearted posts about some of my favourites spirits of all! One of my resolutions for this year was that want to become more fluent in the language of alcohol, however sappy or irresponsible that may sound: it’s a quest I take very seriously. I’d like to take you on this journey with me, you know… for those moments you find yourself in a bar and start wondering where it came from or what it is you’re actually drinking. Even if you don’t drink, don’t worry I won’t try to convert you, but there are some dandy tales to discover in the world of spirits and booze that I gladly like to discover and share.

So why gin?” I hear you ask, dear reader. Well, simply put: I am a gin & tonic kind of person and I have got to start somewhere! (And sure, it’s the Royal Wedding today — hip hip!) Before we begin, I would like to give you a heads up: I am not an alcoholic! Even if they all say that, I don’t hold my liquor very well. But me, oh my! I do so thoroughly enjoy the craftsmanship, the tastes and the intriguing origins. I like a good story, while in good company, sipping on a good, heart-warming drink — and still wanting to remember the night later on. So here are a few of the facts I’ve learned about gin during my time… all of which you can find online on more reliable websites for sure! Cheers, eh!

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Ahhh, it’s been a while! I don’t want to admit it, but life is busy these days. I don’t like feeling busy, so I wanted to remind myself of some of my favourite fleeting moments. Also, this feels a bit silly… posting about my favourite fleeting moments while the world is on fire. But we have got to keep our head screwed on right? Focus on the good, keep on keeping on and all that. Fleeting moments are just that, fleeting. But the magic they hold do tend to warm the heart, don’t they?

These 10 don’t need much explanation, but I think I kind of live for these…

1. waking up with a lazy cat on your side (or lazing around with one on your bed)
2. sunlight filtering through the trees
3. a setting sun on a clear sky with contrails marking the sky
4. feeling a cool breeze on the bare skin of your arms and/or legs on a hot summer day
5. putting a playlist on shuffle and the order of the songs suddenly comes out perfectly during a roadtrip
6. the performance on a live gig is performed better than the song on the record — and the crowd doesn’t suck
7. flowers — in all shapes and sizes, but especially in places where they don’t seem to belong
8. bare feet sifting through loose sand on a beach
9. enjoying silence together
10. steam coming from a hot cup of coffee — fogging up my glasses for just a moment

Surely you have similar fleeting moments that hold tiny (but actually huge) pleasures for you.
Could you be so kind as to share them? :)