2605-bloomOh darn! It’s been a whole year since I packed my bags and went on my best trip ever for three months. Where has the time gone!?

I told you in the last blog that I went to my Japanese family in Hiroshima. My Japanese mom and dad went road trippin’ with me for a few days — just casually sightseeing and having a relaxing weekend as both of them work hard during the week.

This day we went to their farmhouse (see the pictures from last time here) and to pick up grandma from the airport — later we would watch a women’s team volleyball qualification rounds for the Olympics on the telly. It was all just very chilled out. Near Hiroshima airport is a beautiful Japanese garden which had a sort of little-fishies-expo (?!) that was unbelievable satisfying. So this blog will be a bit of a jumble of pictures from that relaxing day.

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It’s time for some positive reinforcement. Life is tough, shit happens, yadda yadda yadda. ‘The School of Life’ is still my go-to when, even though I’m feeling fine, the anxiety feels take over bit by bit. Hereby I am saying “Well done!” to myself, and to you my dear reader. It’s finally spring! We did it! We survived another winter in this crazy world of ours.

 Confession: I’m a Laura Marling fangirl and have been one ever since ‘Alas, I Cannot Swim’.

Friends! It’s finally here! The new Laura Marling album full of brilliant, easy tunes — and pretty deep lyrics. Semper Femina is a soothing, strong and feminine piece of music I’d like to spend at least my whole weekend listening to while the light enters my room and while I’m sprawled on the ground staring at the ceiling.

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flowers in feb
You guys! We survived winter, who’d have thought! — OK, so technically it’s still a few weeks until spring is official, but I’ve got a spring in my step and I am loving the early-spring blooms! March is going to be good.

Let’s look back onto February… the shortest month sure felt like the longest. Loads has happened, so let’s get cracking!

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Iwakuni view
After leaving Kochi, I was back on the road to the main island. Shikoku was done and dusted (sort-of, I still want to explore more) — and I went to my Japanese family in Hiroshima. It was so lovely to be welcomed back into their home and feel a bit homey. I’d missed that a bit.

Last time I was in Hiroshima, I was there for a week and I explored the whole city. This time I had only 3 days in Hiroshima, and it was the weekend, so me and my Japanese mom and dad went road trippin’ for a few days! Today I’m looking back to the scorching hot day in Iwakuni!

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