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During my trip and over the summer I finally got to catch up and do some reading. It was one of my resolutions for this year, and it totally worked out, so here I am… ready to share some great titles I got to go through so far this year.

It’s autumn that I really associate with taking time to read, while it’s getting colder and stromy-er outside and you’re getting warmer and cosy-er inside the house. I’ve always been really sure that spring is my favourite season… but I guess the 100-ish days before Christmas (and especially the 50-ish or so before) are my favourite time of year. Last week I announced to everyone I saw (ok…almost everyone… I knew?)that it was only 100 days before Christmas. Ohhhh-yeah, let the countdown begin!! But first, let’s talk books!

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After spending almost 8 hours with Tyler Oakley (yes, I listened to the audiobook) I feel like we’ve bonded a lot. I feel like I’ve actually learned something from this book, between the funny anecdotes there were some real life lessons here. The funny anecdotes were engaging stories that kept me hooked to this book. You see, the book is like a series of his Youtube videos, but in book-form. It’s by no means high-brow literature, but it is funny.

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Ok, I’ll admit it. I picked a small book this month. I’ve been crazy busy with moving out and setting up a little temporary camp at my parents’ place. It’s crazy to think I’m going to leave the country for three months, all by myself. So I needed a little consolation. And I sought it in this book: “Congratulations, By the Way: Some Thoughts on Kindness”.

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