In 2014 one of my resolutions was to watch all Wes Anderson films. And you know how we never stick to resolutions and so it all doesn’t really matter in the end? Well, I was actually really going strong as I watched every film excluding Rushmore and Bottle Rocket. Yeah, I was actually pretty chuffed with myself for that. Now I was thinking of actually ‘finishing’ that resolution as it was Friday evening, and I just really didn’t want to see or do anything. You and I now both know how very rock and roll I am…

But I’ve got to say, watching Rushmore is one of the best things you can do on a Friday night. – So here is me marking that moment, for what it’s worth.

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I recommend you to put this one on full screen. My friend shared this with me this morning and it kind of made my day. I love this tribute as I find it’s so close to the Miyazaki-movie-feels. I kind of wish they made one for Takahata too now, though.

marnie 2

When Marnie Was There (思い出のマーニー)A very, very subtle, lovely and heart-warming (and a bit heart wrenching) film. Made by the ever-fantastic Studio Ghibli – who in my opinion can do no wrong, ever. Seen the film a while back now, and this month it’s finally in theatres in Holland. And I kind of wish I can see it with my friend soon. If you can get the chance to see this in theatre, or any of the Studio Ghibli films, I also wish for you that you do. Not only is the story absolutely lovely (it has that Ghibli magic), it’s also stunningly beautiful.

I won’t tell anything about the storyline, you can click read more to see the trailer or give the OST a listen – that’s all up to you. I just wanted to share this gem with you.

Have a lovely week. Be good, stay safe and take care~!

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Sometimes you come across a movie that speaks to your insides. Or something like that. I don’t know what or why exactly, but ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’ was eye-opening in some ways, while at the same time it was comforting. And I like it when a movie is soothing and still making you uncomfortable or cry. And, ehr, yes, I do cry at movies quite easily. I mean… the feeeels.

Anyway, this is my summer recommendation (that you can also watch in fall or winter or whenever). I just think that if you haven’t watched it yet, you should. And if you didn’t like it… well.. I kind of want to know why, if you’ve got the time.


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Do you know that feeling, of when you see a trailer of a film like this… you instantly know it’s going to be a good one? ‘A Long Way Down’ is actually based on a book by Nick Hornby, like two other films I really liked (About a Boy & High Fidelity). So maybe I should read that damned book in the time I have to wait for this movie to come out (which is ages!!). Other than that, that cast… need I say more?

Hope you’re well. Until soon!