You can’t right click on a face
You can’t be the winner of the human race
You can’t do everything in this place
But don’t die curious

You can’t change a mind without a fight
Waiting for the hope of a morning light
You can’t find love on your own tonight

Hello words that I just did not say
I found a way to hesitate, to deviate
Oh, we just died curious

Don’t Die Curious, Tom Rosenthal

When things involve intricate little machines and funky tunes, I’m usually interested. While I’m packing for 3 months (how do people do this?!) I am putting in this little hiatus for ‘best of the internet’-post for a couple of months. I probably won’t be much of a help with sharing ‘the best’ of ‘the internet’ (according to me) when I’m hardly ever online. I am also taking this opportunity to announce that I’ll probably be doing things a little different around here soon, I will still post as I’ll bring my ancient macbook with me to Japan. But I’m not too sure on how much and what exactly I’ll be sharing as time-behind-the-computer is going to be limited.

Oh this trip is going to be mind-blowing. Let’s see if I’ll be a completely new person in 3 months?
I hope your Easter was as lovely as can be – and much less stormy than here in Holland. Until soon, folks!


And yet another month goes by! Spring is coming soon… and departure and moving out and… well…Luckily, February didn’t fly by too quickly, though it’s a bitch that it ends so early! One day somehow makes all the difference? I’ve been going through city centre Amsterdam a bit more the last couple of weeks… just to breathe in the city while I still can, eh? So here’s one of my favourite sights: crossing the Blauwbrug and gaze down the Amstel.

Anyway, every once in a while you stumble on something great on the internet you just can’t keep to yourself. These are my finds of February. Lots of random things, as usual!

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