You can’t right click on a face You can’t be the winner of the human race You can’t do everything in this place But don’t die curious You can’t change a mind without a fight… View Post

When things involve intricate little machines and funky tunes, I’m usually interested. While I’m packing for 3 months (how do people do this?!) I am putting in this little hiatus for ‘best of the internet’-post… View Post

And yet another month goes by! Spring is coming soon… and departure and moving out and… well…Luckily, February didn’t fly by too quickly, though it’s a bitch that it ends so early! One day somehow… View Post

A lot of cool things this month. Mostly seen on Youtube as I haven’t been really up to much else than work, sleep and trying to not be a downer all of the time. Youtube… View Post

This past month was crazy. So many things happening, so much shit but so many good things as well. I really, really love how the internet sometimes can really become a warm and inspiring place… View Post

It’s already number 20 in this series, dammit – life goes so fast!? Also, hello November – it’s good to see you! Only two months left in this year… And can I tell you? It’s… View Post

It’s October! I’ve recently started a new job which is taking so much getting used to, and gives me loads tired nights where I can do nothing but lay down and ponder about life, watch… View Post

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