Yo! It has been almost, almost a year! But we’re still going strong! Fukuoka was my first stop on Kyushu, ever. And I would like to think of my two days in Fukuoka as an… View Post

こんばんわ!! Miyajima is always, always a good idea in my books. Somehow it embodies my feelings for Japan way more than a place like, for example, Nara. I think it’s safe to say that by now… View Post

Oh darn! It’s been a whole year since I packed my bags and went on my best trip ever for three months. Where has the time gone!? I told you in the last blog that… View Post

After leaving Kochi, I was back on the road to the main island. Shikoku was done and dusted (sort-of, I still want to explore more) — and I went to my Japanese family in Hiroshima.… View Post

Kochi is a place very, very close to my heart without me really realising this until I got around to type up this post. Kochi was the place where I realised I was at peace… View Post

Matsuyama was particularly dreary when I visited it. But judging from everything I did see, it was wonderful. It made me want to put Shikoku on another travel itinerary in the future, and return to… View Post

Okay, okay… let’s get something straight here. My time in Japan was somewhat like a series of ‘best-day-trips’ one day after another. But Shōdoshima will always be a special place. It was a beautiful day and… View Post