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During my last trip to Japan I actually only had 2 main goals, visit the Yasukuni Shrine + Yushukan and to visit the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Site + Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. Both made deep impressions on me, but I think the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum definitely did make the deepest impression.

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September was a busy month. I was being in jobs, in between jobs and getting a new job all in the course of 4 weeks. It was weird. But also a really nice month, we had visitors over from Japan and lots of meet-ups with friends (thanks Marie!). And here is one of those days. My ‘uncle’ from Japan came over and we had a little family day, playing tourist in The Hague and Delft and then went for some homey Japanese food at my favourite place to go. Not too many pictures were taken, as we sort of did a home-made Vermeer tour, and art was what we were looking at. But let’s go!

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1 - kichijoji walk


As one of you said in a comment to my most recent post, good things come to those who wait. And heck, I’ve waited a long time to go back to this wonderful country and visit my friends and family. That’s the thing with travelling, you’ll ‘miss’ home – but when your travel destination feels like home, your head and heart get a bit confused.

I’ve been putting off posting pictures from Japan for as long as possible since editing them made me feel a bit sad. But slowly and steadily I’m beginning to get back into the swing of things. Or well, my head/heart is. As I obviously still have my life and obligations here, so it’s not like I can lie in bed all day, drowning in misery. So, onto better things! Onto happy times! I’m here with my first batch of pictures from Japan and I’m here to enjoy looking back at the sweet memories – and I hope you will enjoy seeing these too. Thank you for your continuing support guys! x

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London, dear London. I figured blog-titles look so much more sleek and intellectual when written in French. Here’s where I tell you how much I enjoyed yet another trip to London. To be honest I’ve not been feeling too happy about my pictures, but maybe that the lazy inside me talking since I told myself every day last week to go on blogging. It’s a bit of a mismatch of pictures, part two will be prettier, I promise!

London has been incredibly good to me, yet this past week (since arriving back home that is) I’ve been incredibly tired. Maybe that’s a good sign… I’ve been doing quite a lot when I was gone. During my stay in London I’ve also been doubting where I should do my internship next year… oh decisions, decisions!

We’ve visited several places during the week, after arriving on Monday around 3 pm we rushed and got ready to leave for a little walk around the city towards Tate Modern, one of my favourites in London. Last time I visited I got to see the Yayoi Kusama exhibit, this time I saw a few Rothko’s which I liked quite a bit more than in the books I use for studying. Later that night a few friends and I hit a pub for some fish and chips plus some beer… how could we not?

We’ve walked around for a bit after that, and then I got myself a Cadbury cream egg (Halloween edition, obviously). – Oh, on a side note… the hostel we were staying at was pretty horrid so if you’re planning on a good and cheap-ish stay in London, don’t go to Driscoll’s House on New Kent Road!

On Tuesday we got to do our city tour, a little assignment we had to prepare before hand (it’s a studytrip after all). Later that day we visited the Kensington Palace, which had a gorgeous exhibition on Victoria.

Later that day we got our asses over to a shopping spree around Oxford Street. Dinner at Kimchee was one of the best ideas I had that week. After hearing Shini from Park & Cube about it on her blog and instagram I couldn’t help myself. You may or may not already know about my love for Japanese cuisine, Korean cuisine is currently growing on me as well. Although the amount of spiciness should still be limited quite a bit… Choosing the bulgogi hotpot was my second best idea… although everything at the table looked and smelled scrumptious.

Alrighty, more next time folks. Have a good weekend!

Tonight I went with some of my college friends/project-group to Foam Amsterdam for our assignment visiting an museological activity. Our activity? A guided-tour! Foam always has inspirational exhibits. An earlier one I visited, and loved, was Richard Avedon. But to go on to our night, we saw the exhibition of New York Times Magazine. And it was fan-tas-tic. The picture above is Ryan McGinley shooting M.I.A. on a swing on a rooftop in New York City. (visit the Foam website)

My love for professional photography has grown immensely. The exhibition was put together in different themes, just like the magazine. So you had journal photography, portraying the workers in Kuwait during the explosions and fixing them. But also 9/11 related works, showing the aftershock.

A very nice thing, or at least I found it pretty cool, I learned tonight was that the New York Times photo-shopped a photo of NYC and put in ‘light bundles’ on the places the twin towers were standing before destruction, that photo-shopped picture was the inspiration for the real deal when there were actual light being put on the places the twin towers were standing on a memorial day. The picture used in this post is, as far as I know, not the actual picture used in the New York Times Magazine.

I will not be showing any of the works that are on display in the exhibiton on my blog because I think the real work in real sizes work much better. I do have a video to share with you, yay.

If you live in Amsterdam, or are anywhere near do visit the exhibition before it ends (May 30th). It’s definitely worth it if you’re in to kick-ass photographers, or just… you know, like photography.