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During my last trip to Japan I actually only had 2 main goals, visit the Yasukuni Shrine + Yushukan and to visit the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Site + Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. Both made deep impressions on me, but I think the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum definitely did make the deepest impression.

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September was a busy month. I was being in jobs, in between jobs and getting a new job all in the course of 4 weeks. It was weird. But also a really nice month, we had visitors over from Japan and lots of meet-ups with friends (thanks Marie!). And here is one of those days. My ‘uncle’ from Japan came over and we had a little family day, playing tourist in The Hague and Delft and then went for some homey Japanese food at my favourite place to go. Not too many pictures were taken, as we sort of did a home-made Vermeer tour, and art was what we were looking at. But let’s go!

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1 - kichijoji walk


As one of you said in a comment to my most recent post, good things come to those who wait. And heck, I’ve waited a long time to go back to this wonderful country and visit my friends and family. That’s the thing with travelling, you’ll ‘miss’ home – but when your travel destination feels like home, your head and heart get a bit confused.

I’ve been putting off posting pictures from Japan for as long as possible since editing them made me feel a bit sad. But slowly and steadily I’m beginning to get back into the swing of things. Or well, my head/heart is. As I obviously still have my life and obligations here, so it’s not like I can lie in bed all day, drowning in misery. So, onto better things! Onto happy times! I’m here with my first batch of pictures from Japan and I’m here to enjoy looking back at the sweet memories – and I hope you will enjoy seeing these too. Thank you for your continuing support guys! x

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