Merry Christmas

Yas! It’s the most wonderful time of the year! I hope you get to celebrate with your near and dear. I hope you get to do every tradition you do at Christmas, or make new traditions! Even if you don’t do any Christmas-shenanigans, I hope you do have a wonderful day and see it as an excuse to drink a glass of mulled wine or two and be extra kind to your friends and family. I think we do need a little Christmas spirit in the world right now. Thank you!

Lots of love,

What the what?! It’s a recipe!? Dear reader, how can I not? This recipe did not fail me on my first attempt! And I suck at baking cookies! It’s a Christmas miracle and I certainly could not keep it from you. Consider this my present for you, try them out because they are just too easy — but in a good way. I’d bake them and bring them round your house for some good chit-chat if it were possible, but hey…

I got this recipe from my friend who got it out of the Dutch magazine ‘Land Idee’. I’ve put the whole recipe with some accompanying ‘how-to’ pictures for fellow cookie-noobs under ‘read more’. So, cheers!

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Hiya! So, it is 34 days left until Christmas! What-the-what! As someone who usually starts counting down from 100 days before Christmas, I thought it’d be finally time to address it. This year it doesn’t quite feel the same, which I know has essentially all to do with the state of my brain, but it’s never too late to get the little Christmas cheer back on the road! I’m sure we all need it.

In order for me (but mostly my friends and relatives — but then again who am I kidding) to really get into the mood, I’ve made a very short & sweet Spotify playlist. And the big Christmas-movies binge will commence soon too! On my list are the annual favourites: Home Alone, The Holiday, Arthur Christmas, Love Actually and The Muppets Christmas Carol. Obviously.

And thank goodness for all the annual plans, so that I can try and distract myself with fun things instead of well, the not fun things I can’t properly deal with at the moment. To get myself exited for December I’ve decided to make a run-down of the festivities I get to enjoy the coming month in the ‘read more’ section.

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