Oh Paris! I cannot remember a single moment in life so far when Paris was not a good idea. And this time was no exception. My travel-buddy and I met up for a road trip from Utrecht to Paris on a thursday morning at 8am on what was probably the hottest day of the month. It was around 37°C, so air-con was very welcome…

We had decided to go to Paris because well… it’s Paris. An idea was born, a plan was made and an amazing trip was done. It coincidentally took place just the day after my 6 year blogiversary — so this whole trip also was a bit in a celebratory spirit. Not so much time was spend sightseeing, more shopping and eating.

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Ladurée at dusk

As part of my resolution for this year (to ‘take a break’ and get out of my daily routine) I got myself two days in Paris a few weekends ago. Initially the plan was produced after a friend of mine shared a picture from tumblr – very casually – about a Studio Ghibli expo in the city of love. Little did she know that I was dead serious when I replied “when do we go?”.

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Like I told you, I would show some art I saw in Paris. And, something else I told you, I didn’t take many pictures. But these are some of my favourites (you know, next to all the pointillist and other (post-)impressionistic paintings I saw in Musée d’Orsay). Since photography is prohibited in musée d’Orsay I only took one picture, the very last one, which was my favourite in the whole museum I think. It’s from Pissarro and I just had to take a picture. It’s much, much(!!!), more beautiful in real life, so if you’re ever near the museum, go visit!

That woman from Matisse is a painting I’ve seen before, in a temporary exhibition in The Hague. The wheel, from Duchamp is brilliant too. These were in the Centre Pompidou, where also Kandisky was displayed (1st and 3rd). Unfortunately, I can’t find in my notes who the round work made.

Now, I am off digging into my books again. Exams are dangerously close, and things aren’t going to smooth at the moment so I’ll see you when I see you. I hope everything is going fine with you. :)