Last Sunday my brother and sister visited me. We rarely spend time together, face to face, so I was super delighted to make this little afternoon happen. We had a fun time of reminiscing, talking about what we’re up to, about future plans and just goofing around. We ventured the city and I couldn’t help but snap some pictures.

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Oh what a fine day it was. Lunch, shopping for masking tape, visiting the Malevich exhibition and getting a slice of pie! My week of freedom has begun and I am fully enjoying every single minute. Also, I would like to thank you all for your awesome comments and neat insights on my last post. It helped a lot.

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I’ve been wanting to visit this exhibition since I knew it was going to be in Amsterdam. Mukaiyama Tomoko is a Japanese artist. I have never heard of her before, so I did a bit of research. In 1990 she made her debut as a pianist. Over the years though, Tomoko Mukaiyama has moved from being a concert-based recitalist to a performance pianist. She studied in Tokyo, Indiana and Amsterdam, and is apparently currently living in the Netherlands still.

wasted is an international art project that challenges the transience of the feminine virtue of fertility. wasted is an installation of 12.000 silk dresses.” (source) You walk a little labyrinth path inside of a kind of temple of white dresses. It has two ‘chambers’, both serene and somehow shocking. If you google search this exhibition you get far more intense photographs which I think do much better justice to her work. But still, I wanted to share my experience with you guys.

I made a little video, to give you an impression. My shaky hands are a bit bothersome, I apologise… they always do that during utmost inconvenient times. The fact that I actually filmed in a vertical position is a bit stupid too…

The exhibition has been here for just two weeks, from Monday the 2nd to Sunday the 15th of December. This weekend is your last chance, to all the Dutch guys and gals out there reading my blog (it’s in the Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ, entrance is free!). Also, Amsterdam is the last place where this installation will be exhibited. It has already been travelling the world since 2009.