It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Audrey reminded me of the joy of blogging with one of her latest blogs about babysteps. The urge to want to share things, but at the same time holding… View Post

Or whatever day it is at your end of the Internet. It’s the first day of March, which in my books is the first day of Spring. And alas, I’ve finally been taken down by… View Post

Oh, hello! How have you been? I’m back with a slightly-too-personal recap where I talk about the past month. October was a lot. And I’m not just saying that because I don’t know how to do… View Post

September happened! What the what! You hear these corny quotes about autumn being the year’s last, loveliest smile and I usually puke a little at it. But more like rainbow-puke, not gross-puke (and only a… View Post

Hello, hello! How have you been? August is coming to a close, and so summer comes to an end. Having had things on my plate and the inability to write about all the things and… View Post

Do you know that feeling, that you’re wondering if you’re allowed a little hiatus on your own (mind you: personal) blog — without a word explaining yourself. Well… yeah, I know it’s silly. Summer is… View Post

April! What a month! I got myself back into photography, had my heart trampled upon, accepted a new job, saw a fuckload of cherry blossom, went to the beach more times than I can remember… View Post

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