printmaking 101

Oh heck, I am so funny with these titles, har har……….. Let’s get going! I mentioned a week ago that I wanted to make more, create more – be more creative, etc. So here it is, my first attempt at potato stamps – and a first DIY on the blog! I got the idea from this great book (Print Workshop, by Christine Schmidt) I bought a couple of years back and have been going through time and time again – without ever stepping up my game to actually try it. So here it is, bear with me.

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Oh noes! Only one exam left, and I’m already with my head in the clouds. My new Holga 135 arrived in the mail today, aaaaand I’ve already started knitting a scarf for this winter. If it was possible to get a medal for procratinating… I should’ve gotten it by now I guess.

The idea for this scarf with Rowan wool is from Park and Cube, you might remember if you’ve been following her blog (here!). I loved the texture of Rowan’s big wool, and after finding it in a local store, decided to give it a go. I am ridiculously slow at knitting, and even this easy ribbing stitch: knit, yarn over, purl, knit, yarn over, purl, etc is so confusing at times! Hereby, I highly respect those who dare knitting clothes… or socks… or gloves. – Hopefully I can finish before Christmas… Are you all aware it’s only 7 Fridays to go?!