It’s that time of year again, I get all nostalgic over falling leaves. But the actual fun is to buy new shoes, a lovely coat and see TV-shows (HAVE YOU SEEN NEW GIRL!?!) air again.. oh and of course to be able to bury yourself in a hot cup of tea… n’est pas?

My sister is leaving to Japan in a few days, we’re celebrating her 24th birthday 2 weeks early… so to say, we’re celebrating her un-birthday (à la Alice in Wonderland). Lovely marzipan-covered birthday cake, as her little tradition goes (every year there is a cake like that). But so far for the cake, I am way too envious that she is able to go to Japan for 3 whole months. She’ll be residing in Osaka, the place to be for Takoyaki and other amazing food. (I’m a sucker for Japanese food, I told you before, didn’t I?)

But I won’t feel bad, I have some rather nice things planned in the coming months. And I’ve mastered the art of making ‘Onigiri’ lately. I would love to share ‘my special recipe’ with you, but you can check out my favourite Japanese foodblog! They’ve done a special ‘Onigiri FAQ‘.

I’m covered in work for coming week, I haven’t fully dedicated my time to studying recently… (you know, watching movies, reading books… the crazy life I lead!). Ever had that feeling you are being swallowed into a very deep, bitter and dark hole? That you had to surround you with bright and happy thoughts and things not to get bitter and dark yourself? Oh well, whatever… tomorrow I’m seeing Midnight in Paris and I’m buying new shoes! – Yes, that was my awkward way of ending this post. BYE!

I’m still procrastinating those photos of my room. I’m sorry… it’s been almost a month now.

Explosions in the Sky – A Song For Our Fathers

I’ve just, only just, seen this ridiculous film. It’s so astonishingly weird! I was doubting to put anything of in on here, but I cannot hold back. I suppose I need to share this… even tough you might not want to follow me anymore after actually seeing this film – the actual film I mean, not just the trailer. Anyway, the reason I’m showing this to you, is because it’s so delightfully strange and surprisingly funny. It’s a piece of cinematographic art where imagination has pretty much no limits.

The synopsis by IMDb: “A man continually trying and failing to get his wife to stay dead; a self-absorbed ad agency creative director who comes up with one unworkably inane idea after another; a Brittish hitman who only wants to know everyone’s function in life; and an unfortunate office worker and father whose brain is left scrambled after a stage hypnotist is murdered in mid-performance. Starting off as unrelated plot lines, they intertwine with each other as they continue on their respective ways.

This was my last ‘free-of-uni’-weekend. And I enjoyed it splendiferously. (yes, that is a word I just learned). This post contains the feeling of summer-holiday 2011, as it has come to an end now. Featuring one of the most recently learned ‘best-meal-ever’: ‘okonomiyaki’. Best meal, I say? Yes, that is because it’s super easy, fast and yummy for my tummy (recipe). It contains the august 2nd birthday cake… (my birthday cake, that is) (ah, recipe is up at Lottie + Doof) and, well.. you know.. nutella… a view from the afternoon… things like that. My life is so exciting………………….. *awkward pause*

Yeah, the excuse for my room in Amsterdam not being up here yet is because of the lighting has been awful. (rain, rain, go away…) Now that I’m at my parents place suddenly the sky is pale blue and its almost warm outside. Yay for September, and almost being autumn already.

Oh, oh! This thursday I’m seeing Beirut in Paradiso! (video below is a must-see)

This week was a very, very good week. My room is almost finished, pictures coming soon. (Thank you for the comments on my previous post!) At the moment I’m back at my parents’ place. Currently I finally picked up on ‘The Catcher in the Rye’ and so far so good. So I’m enjoying the beginning of my weekend with a rather fiiine book and a glass or freshly made ‘genmaicha’ tea.

To share my early start of the weekend here are some lovely, good ol’ songs for you. I enjoy the feeling in these songs… like you can just drift off to another time/world/place…(pick one).

I found the last track by Coeur de Pirate just last week. I discovered there’s coming a new album out from her soon, yay!

I hope you all have great weekend and until next week.

Oh, quel week-end! Lowlands 2011 was amazing. I’ve seen so many amazing performances! One of the best were Fleet Foxes, Elbow, Miles Kane and Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros. The weather was great, and even though I detest camping… I survived hehe. I ate super nice (festival) food and I hardly got any sleep. Like I said, quel week-end… in a good way.

I did discover some really nice musicians too. Ever heard of ‘Timber Timbre’? Young the Giant? Or maybe did you know that Bombay Bicycle Club is bringing out a new album (yay!) ?

Timber Timbre – Creep On Creepin’ On

And well, you know, just to inform you (and hopefully pursuade you), I’ve seen the film ‘Submarine’. And oh me, oh my. It’s so good! The atmosphere is really good, the actors are brilliant, the storyline weird but fun and the soundtrack is by Alex Turner, no need to say more right?

Suddenly I’m quite sure I posted a trailer of the film earlier, but here it is again. (You really should watch this film now. You. Really. Should.)

*Ah yes, I changed my blogname. It’s the same as my tumblr now. I haven’t changed the url yet, because it would be troublesome for the people who were nice enough to link me… but I think I’m changing that too someday. Scusi.