Coming week I’ll be in London for the last studytrip with uni (after Paris and Berlin) and I’m proper excited! I thought I’d post up a bit of London I shot in my last visits (here and here, ah and this little snippet) that I didn’t get around to show earlier.

These pictures remind me of so many joyous moments, I don’t quite know why I’ve never shared them before. But onto my new trip! I’ll be visiting lots of museums and places I haven’t been fortunate enough to enter before. And of course I will scour (not only) Oxford Street for Muji, Uniqlo, HMV and other shops we don’t have over here in Holland. I will also definitely revisit the Harrods Food Halls together with Ladurée.

Today I’m off to finally see Don Jon, excitement! Until soon, folks! Be well, stay safe!

If you’re curious to my adventures in Paris or Berlin, please click the links below!
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Another month, another list of recent things I love on the internet. Mostly Youtube things this time because, really…how good is it to sit on your bed with a cup of tea watching people being brilliant while the weather outside is getting horrid. Oh, and of course when you’re putting off uni work. Please make sure to check the links out, they’ll hopefully make your day!

The photo was taken yesterday near my sister’s place, she has so much nature in her area and the mist looks a bit magical like in the ending scene of Pride & Prejudice, don’t you think? Or a bit Halloween-y maybe?

Javon Johnson does a brilliant piece of spoken poetry on a bit of a not-so-very-happy topic, but really (!) good anyway.

The curious case of misquotation is about the quote that is going around, and around on the internet that goes like: “I hope you live a life you’re proud of. If you find that you’re not, I hope you have the strength to start all over again.”
The quote instantly leads to the story ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’. Yet, there was no such line in the book by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The story in the link explains everything, if you’re interested.

If you’d like to watch a rather neat video of Steven Merchant and Joseph Gorden Levitt over at Jimmy Kimmel where they do a rather awesome lip sync battle, click this, please! You will most likely love it, it’s a bit long though (around 9 mins).

Another link to Youtube! Did you guys follow the Pemberly Digital folks with their Lizzie Bennet Diaries? Well now they have started the Emma version: Emma Woodhouse. Episode one just came out, but Knightley has already made an impression: woot woot! Please do check out if you like to see the new adaption of Jane Austen’s Emma!

My friend Irene, the one who’s currently in Seoul, posted a good reminder on her blog recently. Sometimes when you’re a student, it’s hard not to procrastinate too much. I really need to put this list on my wall.

This is a bit of a joke really, I don’t know if you guys know but I study Cultural Heritage which has a lot of art in it too and I only had half of this right, how sad is that? I’m curious to your scores though, on whether you can tell the difference between modern art and paintings by toddlers.

And this is just something I want all of you to remember yourself. You guys aren’t everybody else. :)

It’s saturday morning over here and I’ve watched the ‘My Mad Fat Diary’ series yesterday in one go after just finding out about the existence of this show. And Oh My Goodness.

So, I know I shouldn’t spoil too much since this is really just a recommendation for you guys to go see the show, rather a ‘review’ or whatever. I have laughed and cried so much while watching. I’m feeling empty inside now because I have so much love and respect for this show. It also really got me thinking about a lot of personal traits the characters portray. It’s pretty interesting. To make you guys a bit more excited to go watch it after reading this I’m going to try and convince you. Yeah, watch me.

I’m not too sure if lads will like this show, or even older or younger people. But to be honest, I just think lots of people should watch it since the show is hilarious but also puts a lot of serious thoughts into the darker stuff that goes around in the heads of just so many people, including myself.

So here’s the thing, we follow the female protagonist: Rae (Rachel) Earl. Her situation is a bit like this: a fat girl with mental issues living in a very tiny British town with her mum trying to find her way in the world again after being in a mental home for a few months. Of course, lots of things happen (mostly with boys, family and friendship) that are hilarious and sometimes cringe-worthy to watch. But Rae is a respectable hero in my opinion. To make thing better, it’s all set in the 90’s and a lot of great music is involved.

What I love about the series is that it’s so painfully real. Life is tragic, but it’s funny too, and that’s the best thing about Rae – even when the worst happens she still manages to make it a funny situation. Also, I love how unpredictable the show is.

Luckily the show is fully shown on Youtube, all six episodes. Now if you don’t go watch it, I don’t think we can be friends anymore. That’s actually a joke (no not really), but really. Go watch it. And if you did watch it, I’d love to discuss how great the cast is, or the story, or the soundtrack… please?

Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4, Episode 5, Episode 6