Today I visited Meidi-Ya in Amsterdam. One of the coolest shops I’ve been in Amsterdam. And that’s actually just because they sell almost everything I want, only concerning a limited amount of Japanese food and drinks that can’t be bought in regular supermarkets or shops. And a nice touch: the staff behind the counter was clearly Dutch, but out of the blue the cashier just spoke fluently Japanese to the owner, like wuuuut?

I just recently discovered this shop by accident on the internet. Seeing that they only have stores in Japan, and just one abroad (and of all places in Amsterdam!). Because I was a newbie at the shop, and because I needed to go to class afterwards, I just got a few things. Pocky, pickled daikon, bottled green tea, and as shown above: edamame (♥♥♥) and those heavenly koala-cookies with chocolat-y filling (the コアラのマーチ). Omnomnom. I might get back there this week just to buy the Calpis lemonade.

Just less than a week until Christmas. Are you guys getting incredibly festive yet??