Oh hello! I will gladly start with a new series which involves some tell-all, educating, fun and light-hearted posts about some of my favourites spirits of all! One of my resolutions for this year was that want to become more fluent in the language of alcohol, however sappy or irresponsible that may sound: it’s a quest I take very seriously. I’d like to take you on this journey with me, you know… for those moments you find yourself in a bar and start wondering where it came from or what it is you’re actually drinking. Even if you don’t drink, don’t worry I won’t try to convert you, but there are some dandy tales to discover in the world of spirits and booze that I gladly like to discover and share.

So why gin?” I hear you ask, dear reader. Well, simply put: I am a gin & tonic kind of person and I have got to start somewhere! (And sure, it’s the Royal Wedding today — hip hip!) Before we begin, I would like to give you a heads up: I am not an alcoholic! Even if they all say that, I don’t hold my liquor very well. But me, oh my! I do so thoroughly enjoy the craftsmanship, the tastes and the intriguing origins. I like a good story, while in good company, sipping on a good, heart-warming drink — and still wanting to remember the night later on. So here are a few of the facts I’ve learned about gin during my time… all of which you can find online on more reliable websites for sure! Cheers, eh!

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