[no title, pt 2]

Ahhhh, I have to make a post before I go to sleep and finish this week. I have to keep myself accountable, because, believe it or not, I’ve actually had a good week. Yes it was shit, but there was also a lot of moments of just checking in, and I’ve actually let myself become aware of what was nice, what was awful and everything in between. I’m still not sure of what is making me feel stuck, but that’s okay… this is a journey?

Today something nice happened too, I didn’t have to deal with the Sunday Scaries. I’m not sure of what that is a result of, but I will take it. I am also very tired, and even though I know I probably won’t sleep anytime soon because insomnia is still a close companion, I want to keep it brief.

I wanted to appoint myself a new objective for this coming week, but I’m not sure. Maybe I should just try and practice being in the moment a little more. Let tomorrow be tomorrow, and today today. And instead of lame words I have a little Spotify playlist to share that helped me a bunch with “sitting with my feelings” last week. Let’s see if it helps this week too?