Get Better

Hello! Second post in a row where I share a YouTube video instead of a picture. Someday I will allow myself to pick up my camera again. I’m not sure what’s happening right now, but I’m telling myself it’s okay. :)

Last Sunday I did something incredibly stupid. It was so stupid it actually reminded me of one of my favourite movie quotes (which, by the way, do you do “favourite movie quotes”? If yes, share them with me please!!). The quote is as follows: “Never underestimate the predictability of stupidity”. It’s from ‘Snatch’, I had this jotted down on the inside of my pencil-case in high school because I was that kid. Anyway, enough about the quote, the incredibly stupid thing I did was swallowing a piping hot boiled egg and it burnt the insides of my throat.

Yeah. When I told my flatmate she looked at me apprehensively and mumbled “I always thought you were quite intelligent though…” and just sighed. Your response reading this might be the same, I mean, honestly… same. I know cooking is one day going to be the death of me. I’ve cut and burned my hands and fingers more times that I know a career as handmodel is never on the cards for me. Ah well, corporate hell will do for now. I actually “celebrated” three years at the company this week. Who’d have thought?

My throat actually hurt pretty bad for 3 days, and I sort of lived on yoghurt, popsicles, ginger tea and the occasional (very-slowly-eaten) dinner. But art was there to make the week more bearable. Alt J released a new song this week, and I’ve been having it on repeat. I’m also finally watching 도깨비, because of Gong Yoo. Yes, I just indirectly called that man art. I see no lies.

So lesson for today kids: don’t be stupid. Or, don’t underestimate your own stupidity and don’t share it on the internet because then everyone will know you’re stupid.