Reflections on a Decade of Blogging

Can you believe it’s been 10 years since my first post on this blog? My first post was about new beginnings, I had switched from a previous blog that “didn’t feel quite right” at the time. I knew I would be looking back on that post later on, when putting it online. It felt a bit… fabricated. Which it obviously was because I knew blogging already, I knew that much about myself that I would put too much importance on ~the first post~ down the line. So I put out something that wasn’t really mine in the first place, but it did inspire me to stay creative.

Honestly, my blog is a glorified diary. I followed and got to know a lot of awesome, inspiring people and their blog along the years. I used to glamorise them, thinking how great their lives were and how little I had to share and how self-obsessed I would sound. Yet, miraculously that never really stopped me from sharing. The only thing that, I realise now, stopped me from sharing was when I got depressed. Too much pride, too little thinking straight. Nothing has been quite the same since 3-4 years now. And then covid happened and everyone started baking banana bread and grasped at the last threads of their sanity. The blogosphere’s been weird for a while now, professional bloggers have changed, influencers have arrived and a lot of people who blogged casually have stopped blogging — which I actually totally get.

Between you and me, I often wonder why I’m at it again. What I keep getting back to is staying creative, helping myself organise my thoughts. At one point I used my ‘about’ page as a writing assignment, to put to words who I am and what this blogs’ function. A difficult task as, ironically, I don’t like talking about myself. I have been having a very hard time with opening up about my inner life. And that’s it… that is why this blog is still here.

As I’m a nostalgic son of a gun, I’ve take the liberty to find 10 things I shared in the last 10 years that I would like to revisit. I don’t know if it’s pride that’s causing me to do this, or just simple nostalgia. I know I don’t need to say this, but the order of this is completely randomized because of course I will never be able to choose a “best memory”!?

  1. 2012: Sister Winter. Do you remember the days were there was so much snow that you couldn’t go to school? No? Well, there’s only been 2-3 times in my life I guess, and this day was once. Needless to say, it was a good day.
  2. 2018: 職人気質 [Shokunin Kishitsu] or: I want to become better. I think this post is maybe the only one (post, or moment in life) where I am articulate in what ambition means to me. I still find it such a difficult concept, but I like how I tried.
  3. 2015: Miyajima, part 1 & part 2. I’ve been to Miyajima 3 times now I believe. I love that place, and I don’t care how touristy it is. I don’t know if this one is my favourite time there, but I liked that day and those pictures and how they made me feel. It was a day-trip during the trip I took for my thesis, I met my sister and my Japanese niece and we had the cosiest explore-day ever.
  4. 2018: Mulled Wine. I wrote a recipe once. Of course it was a recipe based on 3 recipes, but I made it my own and I wrote it down. I even heard that someone followed my recipe and enjoyed it (!!!!!). I felt really proud there… a good mulled wine can perfectly capture that Christmas feeling that I would love everyone to feel at least once in December (“chill, love yourself, love the people you’re with”).
  5. 2020: Birthdays. I like this because it has pictures, pictures and feelings. I would like to share more of that. :)
  6. 2019: Cherry Blossom Girl. My high school friend (yes I have one friend left from high school) visit the ‘kersenbloesempark’ in the ‘Amsterdamse Bos’ every April for 3 years now, last year would have been the 4th…but covid happened. It’s become tradition (and I will fight to keep it tradition) to visit together, have some lunch and chill — basically hanami, but in Amsterdam.
  7. 2012: Thirty Year Anniversary. This was a good day, the thirty year anniversary of my parents’ marriage. My grandpa was still alive then, and while financially things weren’t stable (I mean, hello 2012 economy!) I’m forever thankful for this specific meal and celebration. And personally, I remember being really proud of seeing how my pictures turned out. How cute I was.
  8. 2017: The Thing About Bond, James Bond. I was such a little shit when I wrote this and I’m a bit ashamed of it. Whenever I talk about James Bond I turn into this weird, inconsiderate snob? But I tried to convey my enthusiasm for the franchise here, I think it was a nice try.
  9. 2021: Saturdays. When I was younger, like… 2008/09-ish, I was very into tumblr. I actively tried to compose a string of posts that portrayed a feeling, mostly photos and music. I would then revisit, and scroll through it, somehow giving me space to feel the feels. This post is my 2021-attempt of just that.
  10. 2013: How to Construct A Banana Car. I think this was my biggest troll-post, yet I was so serious about it. I still stand by it, too.

Thanks for taking that trip down memory lane with me, and thank you. Let’s see how long we’ll keep this up. x