Have you ever though about not pronouncing the letter r in the word February? No? Oh well, maybe it’s because I’m not a native, but isn’t it weird!? — Anyway! We did it! We’re back to March, it’s been a year and things are still the same, sorta kinda… well maybe not. But it feels like it.

February started off with lots of snow, that stayed around for about a week. It ended with actual Spring weather. Work was intense, no, everything was intense, but there’s light at the en of the tunnel now that it’s March. :)

  1. sunrise is getting earlier and earlier
  2. snow — that shit was hella pretty.
  3. 15 degrees and blooming daffodils– also, hella pretty
  4. the problem with me, part ii from americanbaron.
  5. ‘Perfect Blue’ and ‘Akira’ // a film-weekend with my flatmate where we watched these old (but legendary) Japanese animated movies.
  6. feeling spring just around the corner, unravelling the tiresome ache of winter.
  7. giving myself a break for not being able to find energy to do anything.