January ✿

January is that month I always wish to be over with soonest, but then February comes around and it hits me even harder — but March (and spring) is getting so close!

I am grateful for:

  1. Starting the year healthy.
  2. My brother and sister-in-law got their first kid! I am super-duper happy to welcome Felix into the world.
  3. Snowfall! It was the tiniest amount, but it was snow! (spoiler: we got a lot more snow when I post this!)
  4. Korean dramas (as always?), currently rewatching another favourite – “Her Private Life”.
  5. Walks, all the walks. But beach-walks especially.
  6. Finishing my first knitting-project of the year, and it wasn’t even a scarf (shocking, I know!). Not only did I finish it, I’m also really pleased with it!
  7. Being able to meet my good friend for an occasional coffee, outdoors – despite lockdown and curfew and all the Covid-drama.
  8. Finishing dry January with only craving a drink 2 times (on Friday nights after a long week of work).
  9. Being able to keep my job despite reorganisations at the company (spoiler: and getting more opportunities by the time I post this! I knooow, the universe is crazy?!).
  10. &Chai candles, I don’t do #spon but I’m just saying that I’ve already placed 2 orders with them in 2 months time. They do the cosiest smells with Animal Crossing inspired names — it’s really cute. My favourite smell is Able Sisters, both my December and January smell like it :))))
  11. A flatmate’s birthday! The best excuse to be extra and make a fabulous cake, order sushi and chill the f out.

Take care, be nice, speak soon! x