We got there in the end, we managed to make it to December folks! I feel like every month I just quickly state how weird the month was, and how quickly it passed, for the last… I don’t know, 9 months?

But that’s probably true, because, well… 2020 was a ride, wasn’t it? I won’t bore you with the bad, here’s what I feel grateful for.

  1. Getting through 2020 more or less unscathed (not sure if mentally I’ve gotten better and more resilient — or not?).
  2. Walks. I know this is not just this month and has been absolutely great all year, but this month especially I re-found my fondness for them. Especially during the hours of dusk, or just after dinner when the streets have gotten emptier.
  3. Christmas decorations being put up early. With this I mostly mean the lights, ever since daylight savings/wintertime it’s gotten really dark out and it’s nice and cosy now that they’re there.
  4. Edith Whiskers.
  5. Rewatching ‘The Master’s Sun’ with my flatmate: So Ji-Sub is made for that role, my my my.
  6. Working on my brother’ and sister in-law’s firstborn’s birth card (never knew what geboortekaartje was in English, whoa).
  7. Talking to my sister. I used to live with her, for about a year I believe? I’m still not sure how we never got into a fight then, seeing how we were always bickering at each other when younger. It’s been nice talking to her on the phone more often this month.
  8. Hyping people (and myself) up for a very chill, non-capitalistic Christmas. I’ve gotten a bit of a reputation with my love for Christmas, and I’m finding that people aren’t as excited as I am — which, of course, is all great because to each their own (!!!). But it’s nice to share that no-expectations-everything-is-alright-kinda pre-Christmas-vibe with them.
  9. Putting up my Christmas tree with a good playlist in the background.

As with the previous years, I’m very into the tradition of sending Christmas cards. Please send me a message, anywhere you like, if you’re also into that. Would love to send you one! :) x