It’s weirdest thing, September flew by in a sec and it’s halfway October already? Maybe it was the endless rain that somehow made the days mesh together into a puddle. I lost my grip on things, and I’m still struggling to get a grip. I don’t remember the days correctly any more, but looking back I do have some things I can feel grateful for. Maybe it’s the sun, and the vivid colours of autumn that made me get an ounce of my optimism back (thank you October!). So let’s go, my September gratitude list:

  1. finishing my first photo series (on time for the deadline!), as it was the first graded exercise for my photography course (still feeling both awkward and proud about it).
  2. having my friend/housemate save the day with her support to actually make those damn pictures, creating opportunity for it and helping me remember why I started.
  3. being able to go on a mini-road-trip to Zeeland and explore more of the glory that the Netherlands have to offer (that I don’t always appreciate so much) — I’m especially grateful that we managed to go then, as the restaurants and bars have now been closed down again (thanks ms. Rona).
  4. a new addition to the plant family, welcome calathea vittata! We were off to a rough start, but you seem to have found your place now. You still need a fitting name, but it’ll come to me someday.
  5. seeing (old)colleagues again, of course with COVID-appropriate measures — and just in time before we again couldn’t any more (damn you, Rona).

I’ll try to make my October list in a more timely manner, but quite frankly, what is time during 2020? This year feels like a great, big, gaping hole of “wtf“. Stay safe and take care of yourselves — I’m trying as well! xx