Since a couple of years August has started to grow on me. I wasn’t particularly fond of ageing (still am not), or about the weather being hot (also, still not a fan), or about the end of my summer holidays being in sight (what even are these mythical summer holidays?). But I start to appreciate it. A lot. Summer in particular, with the trees in full leaf, all the watermelons and peaches, the long evenings before sunset and the bats flying around at dusk. I know we’re halfway September already, and I’m already getting excited over the smell of wood burning at a fire place… but here’s my short list of things I’m grateful for in August.

  1. having the guts to finally start a photography course, of which the first day coincided with world photography day!
  2. watermelons and peaches.
  3. being able to share my birthday with both my a few friends and family, all on different days because of COVID, but still!
  4. trying out new recipes that work especially well on warmer days.
  5. friends being up to a ridiculously short trip to France, for a weekend of good talks, meditations and glorious food (cheeeeeeese!).
  6. having summer weather in August.
  7. solo-trips to the Westbroekpark to enjoy the flowers and the quiet.
  8. being able to properly go to restaurants again, with all measurements in place for the COVID-situation, so I can eat ramen :)

Happy autumn pals!