June & July

Hello! Can you imagine there once was a time where I blogged multiple times a week? Yeah, no, me neither.

We’re halfway the shithole that is 2020, and yet I am so so so grateful for this year already. Don’t get me wrong, it has been an absolute bummer (and I’m extremely fortunate to have had little to no health issues myself or in my community due to Covid). No pain, no gain seems to be the only apt description for how I am now experiencing 2020. Through all the though times, and the shit moments, there has been a lot of good developments personally that I’ve learned to appreciate a lot better — because of all that utter shite. Next weekend is my birthday, I think I’m starting my birthday-week early this year, just because I can and there’s plenty to celebrate still.

Once again, a little list of things I’m grateful for these past two months:

  1. We’ve moved! Me and my flatmates found a new place to stay that 1000000% suits us better, is still in the same neighbourhood and does not break the bank!
  2. My family for showing up to help us move, despite everything.
  3. I know I mentioned my promotion before, but I’m slowly adapting to the mon-fri, 9-5 schedule and slowly (very slowly) I am learning to see those benefits (as opposed to irregular hours/evening shift — though I still really miss those evening shifts but don’t want to dwell on that too much).
  4. New songs and albums from artists I like.
  5. Decluttering: moving is always a hassle, but the upside is always decluttering. And as I am a bit of a hoarder, I am decluttering like there’s no tomorrow and it makes me feel so much lighter!
  6. Learning the difference between being grateful and being thankful.
  7. Finding a new (but actually already-three-year-old) indie game that hits me right in the feels and playing it obsessively within a week (I’m talking about Night in the Woods and I love it– maybe as much as I loved Undertale?!).
  8. Impromptu dinner-dates.
  9. Do you guys remember the Pokemon GO craze in 2016? No? Well I do, and this year marked the second annual Pokemon GO fest. Due to Covid it was global event (as opposed to region-specific) and me and an old friend from way back when went completely crazy when we caught our Mewtwo’s and all dem legendaries – also super-duper grateful for said friend who will probably never grasp exactly how grateful I am.
  10. Learning to not have to do everything, and certainly not all at once.