March, Covid & Staying In.

It’s Easter! Happy Easter! He has risen and I am back on the good ol’ blog. Still not too sure what this is, but I like it. March has passed, Covid seems to be here to stay and I’ve gotten a promotion– and started my new job with the company last week. It’s been a whirlwind since we last did this.

My dad’s not doing too well health-wise, but I’m happy he seems perky and recovering whenever we speak on the phone. My flatmates and I are cooking meals daily, going over a weekly menu of recipes we want to try. I got to visit my brother’s new home and play Pikuniku and put together his wine rack. My sister is going forward with wedding plans and asked me to help out, just like I did with my brother last year. My island on Animal Crossing is thriving, to say the least. Last week my mother sent me a A4 picture of the cat via post. I hung it on my wall, like those posters I hung from magazines when I was about 12 years old. It’s the little things– Rona took over our lives, but I’ve never felt so connected.

  1. My Parents, the sweetest cheerleaders I could ever hope for.
  2. Netflix putting up all Ghibli movies.
  3. My flatmate who got Disney+ so I can watch all these classics again.
  4. Chocolate Easter eggs.
  5. Animal Crossing — best coping mechanism for these strange times.
  6. Both my flatmates, for being good eggs.
  7. All the music recs I get now everyone’s staying in.
  8. My employer taking a chance on me, switching roles during Corona.
  9. An impromptu long Easter weekend.
  10. Springtime weather– even though we can’t really go out.

I hope this finds you well! x