Still from Only Yesterday, Isao Takahata (Studio Ghibli)

How is it already March!? Believe you me, I’m over the moon that winter finally seeming to be going by! Last month I just made one blogpost, I really wanted to do more — but winter is like a vampire to me.

I loved just compiling a list of positives. A gratitude journal of sorts. Even though life isn’t all that rosy, it’s nice to focus on those things that made it worthwhile. It’s the little things, eh?

  1. Being able to read again.
  2. Waking up with sunshine — even though the endless rain didn’t stop in the afternoon.
  3. The ‘No Time to Die’ theme by Billie Eilish.
  4. discovering Takumi, a (really decent!) curry/ramen place in the city.
  5. stumbling upon a second-hand coat of dreams.
  6. seeing my uni friends again, being able to share all our grievances without holding back.
  7. flatmates who appreciate my cookery shenanigans.
  8. Netflix putting up Ghibli movies online.
  9. being able to make new friends as an adult.
  10. feeling spring just around the corner, unravelling the tiresome ache of winter.
  11. the IT-guy who fixed my computer, the miracle worker.
  12. red wine.