Hendrick Avercamp, IJsvermaak, c. 1610 (Mauritshuis, Den Haag)

A list of things I’m grateful for this January:

  1. Not too harsh weather.
  2. Watching Award-Season contenders (i.e. really great movies like Jojo Rabbit and Parasite).
  3. Compiling a list of things to do and achieve in the next decade with my flatmates/friends.
  4. Already crossing something off the aforementioned list.
  5. Learning that some roses can bloom in winter.
  6. Getting carried away and already reading a fifth of my reading challenge this year.
  7. Starting a new baking challenge, and feeling motivated by the cheers of my friends.
  8. Walks outside, alone, with my dad or with a friend, and feeling the cold.
  9. Getting to know co-workers differently and sharing little hidden gems of music or literature with them.
  10. Doing a photo-shoot for someone, and starting with building a portfolio of portraits.
  11. Getting nice comments on my first post in a long time (thank you!).
  12. Borrowing a picture book from my mother.
  13. Visiting one of my favourite Dutch museums, the Mauritshuis.
  14. Spotting early spring flowers on the last day of January.
  15. Celebrating a birthday, of a great friend, and making cake with them.

If you have a moment, click on Avercamp’s painting and feast your eyes.
Have a good February, folks! x