Cherry Blossom Girl

It’s almost the end of May which means summer is creeping upon us! They say it’s boring to talk about the weather, especially if the current weather means I’m still switching between (but preferring) my winter coat and my (not so much preferred) raincoat. It’s cold and grey — but the perfect antidote is nostalgia (as always). I missed sharing my hanami-shots from this year and it’s never too late! (also, yes… this is the link to that song that the title is referring to)

According to tradition, my friend from the first year in high school (yeah, you’ve heard about her last year as well!) and I go visit the cherry blossom park in the south of Amsterdam. Each year around April 1st we make grand plans of preparing a pick-nick. Because we both don’t live close-by, it’s usually quite a hassle and we end up getting sandwiches, chocolate cookies and take-away sushi just right before getting near the park. Maybe next year I’ll finally plan correctly and bring cutesy bentō. We’ll see.

This friend and I see each other maybe 3-4 times a year: one time around my birthday, once around hers, once when we really feel like it, and well… once when we can go watch the cherry blossom together and talk about life.

For me the cherry blossom are a symbol of new beginnings and the fleetingness of life — in the best possible way. I talked about this before when I was feeling sentimental during my spring in Japan many, many moons ago.

Also, thank you. Thank you so, so much for your kind words on my last post. I needed to get past that first hurdle of putting thoughts on a blank screen to get back into blogging. And now I am full of determination to continue blogging as it does bring me a lot of joy. I’m full of ideas and I’ll be trying out a lot of things in the coming months. I’m doing it for me, but your confirmation was very much appreciated. So thank you for bearing with me. Until soon! x