Happy Merry Everything


Resolutions! I don’t believe in the catharsis of a new year. Yet I might have another unpopular opinion: I dig resolutions. — In retrospect 2018 was tenaciously tough year, but probably in the best possible way. I think I learned a lot, went through a weird phase or two, but I’d like to think I came back to the important stuff in the end. I’m not planning on doing a year review for 2018. But I wouldn’t be my special-snowflake self if I didn’t ring in the new year with some resolutions of sorts…

I wanted to keep things short and sweet, so here’s my five:

#01: no more half-assing things.
#02: more photography: I think photography was probably my first real love. Like ‘love of my life’-kind of love. I’ve set myself some photography challenges for myself. Mostly to rekindle my love for it, and to help with the next resolution…
#03: learn how to give shape to my thoughts, interests and emotions: especially how to express myself in a healthy way.
#04: read everything — buy nothing: It’s a crazy beautiful thing: my bookshelves are full of books I still need to read. Surely, half of my shelves are filled with books that I loved and cherish. But I’ve decided I need to stop buying more, and start finishing them. A more minimalist way of consumerism in general will do me good in the long run.
#05: be more mindful: of the self & the people and world around me.

There’s lots I want to do in this new year. Whatever happens in life and whatever will come my way, I am resolving to always be grateful for my existence. I’m learning to love myself and to love others. 2018 was painful in numerous ways, I made my fair share of mistakes. But I’m hoping to start afresh for myself in the new year, or at least learning to allow myself to each and every day.

Lots of love, and all the best wishes for you in 2019~!