The Infamous Rut

In today’s episode of “Millennial Problems” we cover the first part of the story about The Infamous Rut.

This rut isn’t just like any rut, this is usually the first rut the millennial encounters after they’ve started to recover from a serious bout of depression and a period of burnout. This rut usually attacks the millennial by surprise, creeping in the corners of the happy days of hope and wonder.

Due to the surprise nature of the attack, the millennial then feels confused and paralysed. Two status problems that cannot be combined in the usual RPG game, but for humans IRL it is a special mode called “hard mode”. This mode gets the millennial double the exp. points, but coins usually become stagnant.

Once the millennial snaps out of its confusion and get aware of its surroundings it is usually too late. The millennial will stay in the paralysed state for quite some time, though it is debatable how long this time span lasts.

Curious as to how the millennial will deal with The Infamous Rut? Will they get on good terms with each other? What trouble will ensue? Find out more in the next instalment of “Millennial Problems: The Infamous Rut”!

Also, Happy Halloween to all you out there! x