happy belated birthday!?

Hullo. Let’s mark this post as the time I turned 26, never mind that it was a week ago. Twenty-six! The age that is actually still “twenty-something” but it is slowly creeping towards the 30s. To be honest with you, I still feel 14 years old. Age is a silly thing, isn’t it? I feel like I need to fear reaching those ‘treacherous thirties’, but I don’t? I’ve long felt in my bones that I would never reach my thirties. And I somehow even still do. Is this a weird and slightly depressing remark? Sure! So happy, happy birthday to me.

A few things I’ve learned is a very unoriginal concept to mark a birthday, or anniversary of sorts. Yet, I’ve never done so and I really feel like it. So here’s some things you didn’t know you needed a reminder of — but also things that I have been learning (and still am) over the past year.

  1. Emotional Hygiene is a fucking thing. Take care of it, treat yourself with compassion. Watch this tedtalk, read this post, this one or maybe if you’re me and suffer from insomnia among other things you’d like this one, this one or this one. You could also get yourself a book like this one (that I haven’t read yet) or this one (that I did read and recommend highly).
  2. Minimalism in some degree can help you with your tendency of greediness. I despise greed with with every ounce of my body, yet it’s a human trait we all deal with. I too like to have a few options in shoes, buy myself a gift every now and then. Stuff just doesn’t have to overflow your life. Stuff is not something that genuinely will make you happy, owning stuff certainly isn’t either.
  3. Writing and speaking out about what matters to you, what you care about and what is tormenting you is good. Maybe the ‘sharing is caring’-thing sounds horribly ugh to you when it comes to matters of the mind… that is ok. Please though: just do it, you’ll feel loads better afterwards.
  4. Depression and mental illnesses aren’t to be taken lightly.
  5. Nor are good friends.