The Sounds of Summer

It’s summer! It’s been summer for a month now. But yes, now that we’ve had a heatwave and my birthday is just around the corner I realised I cannot deny it no more. The first 12 days of August I’ll be off of work; it’ll be my first ‘summer holiday’ in literally years. The idea to suddenly so much ‘free time’ on my hands somehow feels a bit daunting, but it actually might do some good. So… it’s time to get that summer feeling going!

What better way than with some sweet, sweet music? What’s ~that summer feeling~ I am looking for, you ask? Well, dear reader, think picnics in the park, baking a truckload of cakes for my birthday, drinking cocktails with friends on the beach, lazing on the bed for a good hour after waking up in the morning. Maybe even catch up on some sleep?! I’m both night owl and early riser these days, so I think I might actually get the most out of this little summer break — without ‘productivity’ being a measure of how successful I am here. Obviously…right?

Please do tell me, what are your go-to summer-bops? Any fresh sounds I should give a listen or add to this playlist?