Recently, Randomly: Summertime Magic

Do you know that feeling, that you’re wondering if you’re allowed a little hiatus on your own (mind you: personal) blog — without a word explaining yourself. Well… yeah, I know it’s silly.

Summer is summer is summer. And it’s been a hot one so far! I am moving into my new home today and I am so very happy (or a bit of a mix of excited and very hesitant?). I have 6m2 to myself, which is… well not a lot. But I’ll share a lovely kitchen, bathroom and living/dining-room with two friends. I dearly hope things will all work out. I’ve decided to see it as a grand adventure, a bit of a social experiment of sorts. Nothing can go wrong — even if it does it adds to ‘character building’ and ‘life lessons’ and such.

Last night I had a dinner party in the garden at my folks’ home. At this dinner party there were people invited who are defined as ‘refugees’. You know, the people you hear on the news — horrible stories usually. But hearing them talk about their stories, their losses, their life lessons and their hopeful disposition still was eye-opening. One of them literally said “All my material goods were frozen. All I had was a little backpack of stuff — and hope. Everything was lost, except for hope”.

And that… well that once more put a little more perspective into this small millennial brain of mine. It’s all a grand, epic adventure. And yes! We’re all human. We’re all one as a people — and life is what you make it… with the odd (big? rather regular? annoying? tiresome?) bump on the way. I know that I am still not in the best of mental states, but I am so grateful that I can feel grateful again. Maybe it’s a bit like spring cleaning: first you’ll get everything off its place and make a bigger mess than it was — only for it to be more organised, fresher and infinitely lovelier afterwards. *crosses fingers*

I hope your summer (or winter?) is as magic as you like it to be. x

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