Seven f’ing years!


Can you believe??* Seven years have gone by, they’re done and gone, since I made my first blog here on 0023am. Here’s that one entry that marvels about how fast time has gone by. A blogiversary, of sorts!

But not really? I feel as though in the past seven years everything has changed — yet the blog remained. It is still my happy place where I can sort my thoughts and experiences about the wicked and lovely thing we call life (or “the rat race”).

Maybe I have even realised that, even though I feel a bit rootless from time to time from moving all the time and not having a childhood home where I can go back to and see what I saw when I was younger, I think I have created a home just right here. And it’s not really the blog, or the city that I am now living in — it’s me.

I didn’t want to make a grand sentimental, emosh post. But thank you, thank you for reading, for commenting, for reaching out. It’s been bloody lovely! I’m here to stay for a little longer, even though I’m still (after 7 years) figuring out how to do this. Until next year, maybe I’ll pop some bubbles then!

*ten points for you if you read that in a Jonathan Van Ness voice!

— thanks friend, for taking my picture even though you “don’t know how”. Love you lots! :)

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