Fleeting moments

Ahhh, it’s been a while! I don’t want to admit it, but life is busy these days. I don’t like feeling busy, so I wanted to remind myself of some of my favourite fleeting moments. Also, this feels a bit silly… posting about my favourite fleeting moments while the world is on fire. But we have got to keep our head screwed on right? Focus on the good, keep on keeping on and all that. Fleeting moments are just that, fleeting. But the magic they hold do tend to warm the heart, don’t they?

These 10 don’t need much explanation, but I think I kind of live for these…

1. waking up with a lazy cat on your side (or lazing around with one on your bed)
2. sunlight filtering through the trees
3. a setting sun on a clear sky with contrails marking the sky
4. feeling a cool breeze on the bare skin of your arms and/or legs on a hot summer day
5. putting a playlist on shuffle and the order of the songs suddenly comes out perfectly during a roadtrip
6. the performance on a live gig is performed better than the song on the record — and the crowd doesn’t suck
7. flowers — in all shapes and sizes, but especially in places where they don’t seem to belong
8. bare feet sifting through loose sand on a beach
9. enjoying silence together
10. steam coming from a hot cup of coffee — fogging up my glasses for just a moment

Surely you have similar fleeting moments that hold tiny (but actually huge) pleasures for you.
Could you be so kind as to share them? :)

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