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Merry Christmas

Yas! It’s the most wonderful time of the year! I hope you get to celebrate with your near and dear. I hope you get to do every tradition you do at Christmas, or make new traditions! Even if you don’t do any Christmas-shenanigans, I hope you do have a wonderful day and see it as an excuse to drink a glass of mulled wine or two and be extra kind to your friends and family. I think we do need a little Christmas spirit in the world right now. Thank you!

Lots of love,

  • Eliza

    Merry Christmas Louise! Hope you have a wonderful one :)

    • Thank you Eliza! I hope you had a wonderful one too, and a good NYE!

  • merry christmas, louise! i don’t celebrate it so i don’t get the vibe but ugh it must be super cozy and i’m so jealous xD

    • Aw thanks Elise! I appreciate it! I hope you’ll get a super cosy (or cool? whatever you prefer) NYE!! :))

  • Merry Christmas Louise! Hope it was as lovely as you deserve!

    • Aw, thanks Jane! I hope you had a lovely Christmas-time as well! Have fun with NYE!

  • Happy holidays, Louise! Hope it was warm and full of love.

    • Thank you Alyse! I hope yours was wonderful too, and I hope you’ll have a great NYE!

  • Hope you had a great Christmas and that you’re having a relaxing time between Christmas and New Years – I love this time of year more than I love Christmas if I’m honest, haha.

    • Thanks to you I think I might enjoy this limbo-time between Christmas and NYE a little bit more than I usually do: I usually get so hyped up for Christmas that I need to retreat back into nothingness for a little while. But I am going to enjoy every moment of this time. :)