• This is so important! Something everyone should get reminded of x

    Hannah | Wild At Heart

  • i know this isnn’t a poem but this feels like a poem of self-note and i love it. my difficulty definitely lies in the patience. i’m not a patience person but i’m training to at least develop a little more tolerance for, well…things. can’t say i’m super patience now but i feel like i’m better than i used to. love the supportive positivity in this post!

    • we aim to please, although… this self-note is mostly something that I really need to learn and adopt in my daily life. It’s comforting and frightening to hear that other people have the same difficulties.

      At least you’re conscious about not being patient, you’re already halfway there. :)

  • Oh I absolutely love this. I have a hard time being patient with myself because I expect certain things and when I can’t accomplish those things…ah, well. Especially lately. It’s important to remember we’re only human and can’t do everything perfectly or right the first time.

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    Thank you for sharing this :)

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