When all else fails: Christmas!

Hiya! So, it is 34 days left until Christmas! What-the-what! As someone who usually starts counting down from 100 days before Christmas, I thought it’d be finally time to address it. This year it doesn’t quite feel the same, which I know has essentially all to do with the state of my brain, but it’s never too late to get the little Christmas cheer back on the road! I’m sure we all need it.

In order for me (but mostly my friends and relatives — but then again who am I kidding) to really get into the mood, I’ve made a very short & sweet Spotify playlist. And the big Christmas-movies binge will commence soon too! On my list are the annual favourites: Home Alone, The Holiday, Arthur Christmas, Love Actually and The Muppets Christmas Carol. Obviously.

And thank goodness for all the annual plans, so that I can try and distract myself with fun things instead of well, the not fun things I can’t properly deal with at the moment. To get myself exited for December I’ve decided to make a run-down of the festivities I get to enjoy the coming month in the ‘read more’ section.

My first celebration will be Sinterklaas on the 3rd, which is a very loaded Dutch national holiday — basically like Santa Clause but with more ties to the not-so-good part of Dutch history. It’s really not my favourite, and a lot of people take offence because of the black-face costume going on (I really can’t disagree with them, I find it offensive too. Though that mostly started when a certain Sinterklaas brought up my just-passed-away cat when I was eight years old and I never liked the man again). But yes, Sinterklaas is a reason to come together, give gifts and roast each other in personalised and very bad rhyming poems. Fun!

Next up is the so-called “Christmas-drink-taste-test-and-game-night”-night, which is the second year in a row now. It’s something to do with trying out cocktails appropriate as aperitif at Christmas dinner and playing board games with the people around me who enjoy them the most: a.k.a. my brother, his girlfriend and my best friend. I’d like to think I’m big on board-games, but maybe I should just be honest and confess that I’m mostly there for the drinks… (and the lolz, obviously).

On the 16th of December it’s my 3rd annual Christmas get-together with my long-time girlfriends. Which just basically means there’ll be a lot of food, a lot of drinks and a lot of serious chats about the meaning of life and what colour lipstick suits your skin-tone best. This year I’ve decided to go vegan on the dinner, as one of my friends is vegan and I like challenges. I first thought maybe some vegan sukiyaki. But I’m actually thinking more about a 3-4 course meal.

And then, hardly a week later it’ll be Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! The day of all days! The most wonderful time of the year! Hurrah!
We’ll be doing our annual many-course-dinner and I’ve been working hard on the menu. So maybe I’ll share some preparations on the blog. I’ll probably start making mulled wine from December 1st onwards. But the Christmas decorations will definitely be up this week! Do tell me, what are you excited about this Holiday Season? And what gets you into the spirit of Christmas? Do you have any to-do lists or annual occasions that happen only this time of year? And do you have a favourite holiday-drink?

Aaaaand, if you’d like a little Christmas-card exchange, do get in touch! :)

  • Aw your little snowflakes on the site are so cute. Christmas is so soon, I can’t believe it. What a lovely playlist.

    Hannah | Wild At Heart

  • Ahhh I almost forgot that Christmas is so near <3 I'm so excited, I'm seeing all these Christmas lights around town and I'm already feeling the good vibes of it. You have so much plans! I'm envious, my friends and I still didn't come up with a plan yet but I'm already sooo excited.

    Have a great one!

    yuki, solivagantic

    • The one true plan is to get your friends together, have a few drinks and good food and a few games of ‘who-am-I’ and you’re sorted. ;-)
      I love love love the lights out this time of year. Hope you’ll enjoy the run-up to Christmas :)))

  • I’ll be honest, I’m not really all that into Christmas and I’m a bit of a cynical scrooge even though I love my family and tend to have quite a nice time at Christmas, I think I just get a bit overwhelmed by it all and that makes me take a few steps back and just not really get excited about it. BUT I live in the Northern Hemisphere this year so it’s going to be kind of fun to potentially have a white Christmas, plus my boyfriend’s parents are coming to visit for two weeks in December so it’ll be really nice to have some family around so we don’t feel like Christmas orphans, haha. Although we definitely celebrate Christmas in Australia it’s different because it’s summertime over there, but this year I’ll get the whole cosy + hot chocolate + festive vibes and maybe I’ll love it – who knows!


    • Hmm, I hear you. Even though I feel Christmas has always been a bit in my bones, a lot of my friends and relatives have similar sentiments like yours. So I understand, but I just love the whole
      sharing & caring thing and the extra reasons for parties
      and meeting up with friends and family. I’m quite stiff upperlip all year round, but I love the banter around this time of year :)

      I do hope you’ll get that ultimate Christmas feeling this year. Full of nice spirits, friends, family, good conversation and terrible Christmas music :)

  • Nat

    Ooh mulled wine! Do you have a good recipe?

    I have never gotten into the Christmas season. I think it’s partly because my family never made it a big deal and then for many many many years I worked super hard during the holiday season at my retail job that I didn’t care too much about it. Plus the whole brainwashing that Christmas = cold weather, mulled wine and log fires hasn’t helped. Just feels like another summer day in Sydney!

    Nat ◇ dignifiable

    • Ugh, I’d get that. The weather during Christmas here is always a bit meh and rainy. So the whole dreaming of a white Christmas doesn’t quite work either. But I do hope you get into a nice Christmas spirit — I really think it’s the ‘most wonderful time of the year’ because it’s a season where everyone can be sentimental and mushy-feeling. The whole sharing & caring thing business and the extra reasons for parties and meeting up with friends and family. I’m usually quite stiff-upperlip during the year, but all aboard the feels-train when December rolls around.

      I do have few mulled-wine recipes. Jamie Oliver (drinkstube) does a good one and The Spruce has a nice recipe too. It’s just so easy and nice-smelling to do around this time of year. :)

  • I have already watched Love Actually in preparation! It’s the first Christmas I’m spending in Sydney for a while (although I am working Christmas Day…). Hope you have the festive period you deserve Louise :) <3

    • YOU BEAT ME with Love Actually. I’m somehow somewhat proud? My grinch-y blogger-friend from the other side of the world is embracing the Christmas-madness just a tiny bit by bit more than last year! :D Haha I’m kidding, I hope you have a wonderful month with your near and dear and I hope the home-deco is going smooth. :)

  • I have weird feelings about Christmas this year since I’m in Japan and 5,000 miles away from any family, but Japan celebrates Christmas like no one else so I’m actually really happy about Christmas this year! I’m loving the decorations in all of the stations and malls, and I love the way every store embraces Christmas music.

    Have fun with all of your Christmas plans! I make a rule for myself not to do anything until December 1st, but I have to admit that I’m really feeling the Christmas spirit early this year. I just want to celebrate!

    • I think being in Japan during Christmas is a bit of a Christmas miracle in itself. I hope you allow yourself to fully enjoy the fried chicken, strawberry cake and allllllll the pretty lights. Homesickness is a bitch, especially during this time of year, but you have a pretty ace place to be. Take care and I hope you have a wonderful December to look forward to (and back to, later) :)

  • Love the playlist! I love shopping to a good jingle~