Once more with feeling

It is a strange sensation that has crept over me since my little confession. When you hear “suffering from mental issues” you don’t really think about how deeply rooted your own mental issues may possibly have gotten. That is, until you get stopped in your tracks and cannot go on any longer. You have to find another way to live, however dramatic that sounds. Due to all the stigma and my very-human aversion to vulnerability, I find it incredibly hard to talk about these things.

They say it will all make sense again someday. That is sort of what I am trying to trust the universe to do.

So I have resolved to use this blog to remind myself of the beautiful things people and life gives us. Starting with art: music, paintings, film, etc. First and foremost because art has this wonderful ability to speak to your senses and emotions. Maybe I can actually find out what is I’m looking for.

I think I’m going to try once more, with feeling.