Paris, comme il faut!

Oh Paris! I cannot remember a single moment in life so far when Paris was not a good idea. And this time was no exception. My travel-buddy and I met up for a road trip from Utrecht to Paris on a thursday morning at 8am on what was probably the hottest day of the month. It was around 37°C, so air-con was very welcome…

We had decided to go to Paris because well… it’s Paris. An idea was born, a plan was made and an amazing trip was done. It coincidentally took place just the day after my 6 year blogiversary — so this whole trip also was a bit in a celebratory spirit. Not so much time was spend sightseeing, more shopping and eating.

The food in Paris was what I first and foremost looked forward to… I was very happy to learn that my travel companion did not shy away from escargots either. It’s that perfect “when in Paris…”-type of dish. As was eating freshly baked croissant on the side-walk toward Notre Dame.

I’m wondering how many times I’ve actually showed you guys Paysage à Eragny on the blog by now. But in case you don’t know: it’s my favourite piece of art in Paris. It’s a work by Camille Pissarro that’s on display at D’Orsay, just across the seine from the Louvre.

Lunch at Ladurée was something I had never done before. While I am a bit Ladurée-obsessed, it never really occurred to me to sit down for lunch. That is, until I find out I could book a table and had a travel companion willing to splurge a bit on food. The Bellini, foie gras and Saint-Honoré are still recurring in my dreams every now and then.

I still can’t quite believe that it took me this long to see the Water Lilies. Can’t really say more than that… really awe-inspiring.

Another thing I found awe-inspiring was us refraining from buying too much at Uniqlo — or at Berthillon. Oh Berthillon! The first scoop of Gianduja noisettes and the second scoop of citron et coriandre were definitely not enough to still my ice-cream-craving heart. It only made it beat faster. The staff was of the French-snob sort, but the place looks fantastic and the ice-cream tasted amazing.

Patisserie Tomo, or ‘Maison de Dorayaki Tomo’, was actually an Instagram find many moons ago. But I never got around to go to Paris since I learned of its existence. Until now. And it certainly did not disappoint. If you like dorayaki, or if you like wagashi, go here. It’s in the Japanese corner of town near rue Saint Anne.

They have very Japanese flavours in here, but they also mix things up a bit by using French influences in their products. A tad bit on the pricey side, but really worth it.

What I really wanted to do in Paris this time was splurge at Muji, buy a pair of Comme des Garçons x Converse, visit the Water Lilies of Monet in Musée de l’Orangerie, lunch at Ladurée, see my favourite artwork in Musée D’Orsay and try Tomo’s dorayaki. All of which worked out, as you can see.

On the last morning we decided to find the nearest Ladurée. You know, to stock up. On our way, we walked past all these fancy (closed) shop-windows. One of which had the coolest find ever. I have loved ‘Around the World in 80 Days’ by Jules Verne ever since I finally got around reading it last year in Japan. In the window, we saw such a magnificent old copy — and a brilliant board-game-like board. I was a bit sad to not be able to discover from what year this was. But it looked awesome.

Then we found Ladurée, so our trip was concluded — and our funds running low…heyooo!

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