June, hot damn!

June, oh June! You were hot! The weather was crazy this past month. And life was also… busy. I have been doing a lot of work as I got a new assignment at a local hospital, I finally got to catch up with friends, had a little 6 year blogiversay to celebrate, went to Paris (!!!), and well… then the month was done and dusted!

In the Netherlands we have this temperate, oceanic climate, where we don’t often get temperatures higher than 25°C in summer. This means our housing — and the lovely people of the Netherlands — aren’t really built for hot weather over 25°C. During June it was at least that +5°C (or more at times), and things did not cool down at night. It was pure joy. And I like being sarcastic. But you know, I’m not complaining now that the weather is a bit more moderate.

The month started with me getting my first pair of glasses — and actually loving them instead of detesting them (like I initially was before I even got them) — you can see them in my previous post. We celebrated my dad’s birthday a little belated with a wonderful Cupcake Jemma pie. Oh, and I put myself through a little challenge to better my gyoza-making-skills. It was glorious. Even though it meant that I had to eat gyoza for three days in a row — neither I nor my sister complained.

My sister did her first obstacle course run (Mud Masters). Yes, my sister who started this year with the ‘nieuwjaarsduik’. I was there, just like I’ll be there when she’s doing the ‘Total Warrior Challenge” in the Lake District coming August. Mud Masters took place at the beach of Scheveningen, and my dad and I got to enjoy the water during the times my sister was 5km out of sight. We picnicked in my favourite park The Hague afterwards.

Books read:
Holding by Graham Norton and Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto.

Films seen:
Swiss Army Man (!!!!!), The General, One Week and Finding Dory.

Recipes tried:
Gyoza –again, garlic-and-cheese bread, mojito’s.

I got myself a treat or two this month as well. The new Murakami, the Kansha cookbook and a Sims 4 package deal — I have been obsessed with the Sims again. Oh, and I actually splurged on a new macbook after almost a decade of using my old mackbook. And even though the effects of retail therapy usually don’t last very long, I’d say June was a pretty decent month!

Oh, and Paris happened! I nearly, almost forgot! But I’ve decided to make that a definite stand-alone post because it was just so bloody brilliant. I mean, we basically ate our way through Paris and splurged at Muji.

Let’s see how July goes! Until soon folks! x

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