#6 years!

Hello friends! Six years ago today I posted my first blog on this place. This called for some photo-ops blogger-style! Now I am wayyyy too self conscious for pictures on the blog so that’s not really my forte. But I’ve realised that six years of keeping up with something is a pretty big feat. Some would say talking to yourself about life on the internet for a couple of years is hardly a big deal. But it is a pretty big deal for me. I NEVER keep up with anything. Except, well… this! So hey, I got myself one of those horrible, tacky balloons so that I can celebrate accordingly. Because, of course you absolutely need a tacky balloon to celebrate your achievements!

I just wanted to thank you guys for keeping up with me! Even though I’ve vowed to myself that I am blogging purely for my own joy and sanity, your kind words definitely keep me going. x

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