#6 years!

Hello friends! Six years ago today I posted my first blog on this place. This called for some photo-ops blogger-style! I am wayyyy too self conscious for pictures on the blog, but I’ve realised that six years of keeping up with something is a pretty big feat. Now, some would say talking to yourself about life on the internet for a couple of years is hardly a big deal. But it is a pretty big deal for me. I NEVER keep up with anything. Except this. So hey… I got myself one of those horribly tacky balloons so that I can celebrate accordingly. Because, of course you absolutely need a tacky balloon to celebrate your achievements!

I’m spending the next couple of days in Paris with a friend. I’ve actually been debating taking this tacky balloon with me… you know, for the lolz.

Expect a lot of celebratory pictures of cake — and maybe a few sentimental stories here and there this summer. I just wanted to thank you guys for keeping up with me! Even though I’ve vowed to myself that I am blogging purely for my own joy and sanity, your kind words definitely keep me going. x

  • Congratulations!!! And also lovely to see a photo of your face (in a non creepy way….). Have a great trip in Paris!

  • Hooray for 6 years! Love that photo of you :) Have an amazing time in Paris!

    • Thanks Jane! :D And thank you for being such a lovely blogger friend all these years! :))))

  • Charlotte

    TACKY IS AWESOME!! ;) ;) :P Where has the tacky balloon gone, though? Couldn’t find it anywhere. :'(

  • Congratulations, six years is definitely a long time to stick to one thing!! Have fun in Paris :)

    • Thank you Mani! I actually feel a bit proud! :) Thank you for being an online friend! :)

  • Fransisca Angela

    Congratulations! I still remember your blog is one of the first ones that I follow back then. Enjoy Paris :)

    • Aaah, same! I am everyday inspired by your photography and stories! Thank you for all those years! :D

  • Congratulations on six years, that is amazing! I hope you have fun in Paris :)

  • i know i’m fairly new to your blog but already i’m liking your content. congrats on six years of blogging! and enjoy your adventure in paris /o/

    • Thank you Elise for dropping by and your sweet comment! :)))

  • Aww, that’s so lovely the way you’re celebrating with that cute balloon! I’ve been blogging for SO long now, it’s kind of a shame I don’t really feel like I have an anniversary. I started way back in the days of livejournal when I was still in high school, around 2004. I’ve definitely taken breaks from it here and there and have never been able to manage a regular schedule or trying to post several times a week (or sometimes even more than once a month) but it’s just such a natural part of my life now, I can’t imagine not doing it. So nice to see a photo of you on your blog, though I hardly post any myself these days, and I hope you have a wonderful time in Paris! :)


    • Aw, thanks Jessica! I totally know what you mean, before this blog I was on ‘xanga’, livejournal, dutch versions of those… everything. But nothing really stuck like this one. I feel like your blog has been around for forever and I’m truly grateful for finding you along my own journey in the blogosphere. :))))

  • Thank you! :)))))

  • congratulations! the balloon’s adorable, and it’s extra but it’s adorable. Have fun in Paris!

    mia || chaotic tales

  • Congrats! Hope you had a great time in Paris!

  • Congratulations on 6 years, Louise! I like this picture a lot – I think it shows your personality! Glad to have discovered your blog this past year :)

  • RO

    That’s pretty amazing! On average, blogs last 2-3 years and close down. Looking forward to more pics! Hugs…RO

  • gosh, HAPPY BLOGVERSARY!!! congrats! your posts are always wonderful, honest, and whimsical. one of my blog crushes <3 and i'm always grateful to know you as a blogger friend and a e-mailpal. can't wait to hear your stories in paris! :*