A morning in Miyajima

こんばんわ!! Miyajima is always, always a good idea in my books. Somehow it embodies my feelings for Japan way more than a place like, for example, Nara. I think it’s safe to say that by now I have a few favourite stops on the island. Kumiko and I went here on a Monday morning just before I left for Fukuoka in the late afternoon. I was so happy she wanted to squeeze in this trip together before we said our goodbyes. Even though both of us still aren’t that fluent in each other’s languages that we can have effortless communication, I feel that we get on very well and we had such a relaxing morning! It’s fun to communicate in more subtle ways and enjoy the scenery together.

On y va, Miyajima baby!

Miyajima, as you could have seen here, or here, is a beautiful island just off the coast of Hiroshima. You get on the island by a beautiful and not-too-long ferry ride. On the island there is deer, there is momiji-manju, there is a giant torii standing in the water… that’s basically all you could ever want, somewhat.

We went to places we missed last time, so we got a bit more shrine in there. But also some not-momiji-shaped-foods. Altough, that fried momiji-manju will forever be what my dreams are made of. We saw a racoon, while we were wandering though the backstreets near the forest. It was my first time seeing a racoon IRL, Miyajima is where dreams come true, eh?

Miyajima is so ridiculously photogenic, that you take pictures of everything too much. But it also has beautiful and cute zakka shops (which was our main event this morning) and cafes.

Talking about cafes. I had the best-I-ever-had kakigōri (かき氷). It was matcha flavoured with anko inside (!!!!!!). The store was situated in one of the back-alleys of the main street just after you head of the boat, it had a cute little shop in front and a beautiful garden in the back. Now, I know it’s bad to hype things up and it’s better to not be talking in superlatives all the time. But man. You should’ve been there, JUST LOOK AT IT!

I cannot say anything bad about Miyajima. I think that was the sole purpose of this blog. Just sharing the wonderful beauty of the world on a chill Sunday night. I really hope that I’ve improved a bit with blogging commentary on my ~travel blogs~ because I looked back on the olden days in Miyajima and I sound a bit like a douchebag.

I think typing up this post is exactly what my soul needed. Japan, and this specific trip to Japan, gives my being so much peace, it’s almost ridiculous to talk about it. I’m still not too sure what exactly it is that makes Japan so close to my heart… but it always feels like coming home. When I’m in Japan I don’t have as many worries, as much anxiety, as much depressed spirits, as anywhere else. Of course, this trip brought a lot of hardships as I chose to travel by myself in a country on the other side of the world, where I’m far from fluent/conversational in language. But everything, even the hard times, felt… right.

Is there any place you really feel at home and at ease? A place you long back to, or maybe even just a memory you would want to re-live?

Have a wonderful week, until next time folks!